Introducing Swedish tech news in partnership with Data Centers by Sweden

Find out more about how The Local and Data Centers by Sweden are teaming up to deliver tech news from Sweden in a whole new way.

What is Data Centers by Sweden?

Data Centers by Sweden (DCbS) is a national partnership between selected Swedish regions with prepared site solutions and corporate partners specialized in key investment aspects, offering support around site selection and due diligence for strategic or large-scale data centers. The project is managed by Business Sweden and partly financed by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).

Corporate partners include Node Pole and Telia Carrier, as well as several regional investment agencies including Invest Stockholm, Big Green Data, The Power Region, Invest in Dalarna Agency, Invest in Gävleborg, and Skellefteå Municipality.

How does the partnership work?

The partnership has two main elements: 1) Data Centers by Sweden (DCbS) branding on all Swedish tech news, and; 2) a series of sponsored articles related to data centers. The partnership allows us to gather all our Swedish tech news in one place and make it more prominent on the site in a DCbS-branded section. In addition to our regular stream of editorially-independent Swedish tech news, we will also periodically publish sponsored articles produced together with DCbS.

Why is Data Centers by Sweden sponsoring tech news on The Local?

Companies like Facebook and Amazon have already set up data centers in Sweden, helping make data centers  an increasingly important industry for the country. Data Centers by Sweden is focused on helping the industry grow by helping promote Sweden's reputation internationally as a top location for establishing new data centers.

With more than 1.2 million monthly readers around the world, The Local is Sweden’s largest English-language news channel and the primary channel for non-Swedish speakers to learn about Sweden – wherever they may be. As a result, The Local is an excellent channel for any Sweden-based organisation or company to get their message out to the wider world.

Partnering with The Local allows Data Centers by Sweden to tell the story of data centers in context of Swedish tech news and reach an important global audience of readers who are already actively seeking information about Sweden.

Does the partnership change the way The Local covers Sweden’s tech news?

No. The Local’s editorial team will continue to cover tech news in the same way it always has. The only difference is that we’re now pulling all these stories together into one unified section (with a single URL) to make it easier for readers to find them and putting a Data Centers by Sweden label on those stories.

Will data centers get special coverage on The Local as a result of the partnership?

As stated above, The Local’s editorial team will not change its approach to covering tech news or data centers, which means data centers won’t be getting any ‘special coverage’ from the editorial team. However, The Local’s Client Studio will be producing sponsored articles on behalf of Data Centers by Sweden so readers may notice more data center-related content on The Local.

I see some articles with a ‘Presented by’ label, while others have ‘In partnership with’. What's the difference?

All sponsored articles published on The Local are clearly marked as ‘Presented by’ followed by the name of the client and the client’s logo. This indicates to the reader that the client has paid for the article to be published on The Local and that it has been produced by The Local’s Client Studio with direct input from the client. The Local’s editorial team is not involved in production of such articles.

In contrast, the ‘In partnership with’ label applies to a branded section of articles on a particular theme or topic that a sponsor wants to have its brand or logo associated with, and has thus paid for that privilege. A section with the ‘In partnership with’ label consists primarily of articles produced by The Local’s editorial team – sponsors have no influence over the content of the articles. However, the sponsor and The Local have agreed on what type of articles will appear in the section. In addition, sponsored articles may also appear in the section, but will be clearly marked as such.

Where can I learn more about Data Centers in Sweden?

Visit the Data Centers by Sweden website, where you can learn more about the industry, investment opportunities, and success stories. You can also find contact information for DCbS representatives in Stockholm and San Francisco.

Where can I learn more about sponsored content and ‘In partnership with’ sections on The Local?

Check out The Local's advertising page, which features examples of sponsored content, answers to common questions, as well as a form for contacting our sales team. You can also send an email directly to David Landes, Head of The Local's Client Studio.