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Why French police fear Saturday's nationwide fuel price protests

French police are especially worried about Saturday's planned fuel protests - including road blocks and go-slows - which have been organised by the so-called 'gilets jaunes' (yellow vests) movement. Here's why.

19 minutes ago

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Neglected and less reassured than ever: Brits in France face more Brexit anxiety

The final text of the withdrawal agreement coupled with the chaos in Westminster since its announcement has left Britons in France facing yet more limbo, stress and the feeling that they and the 1.2 UK citizens around the EU have simply been used and abused as mere bargaining chips once again.

2 hours ago




Why France's high-vis drivers' rebellion is about more than just petrol prices

The upcoming fuel protests are not just about rising petrol prices, they are the latest skirmish in a long running battle in France between the countryside and the capital, the metropolitan elite and the rural poor, motorists and ecologists, and they will test President Macron's nerve, writes John Lichfield.

7 hours ago

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Seven things to consider before switching jobs in Sweden

For expats in Sweden, finding a job to begin with can be a challenge in itself. So leaving your stable job to scout the job market might seem like a terrifying prospect. However, scary as it is, it’s not impossible...

3 days ago
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Member event: Is Stockholm an attractive city for foreign talent?

'Stockholm and the Battle for Global Talent' was the theme of a panel event for The Local's Members, at which Stockholm's mayor and a group of experts and politicians discussed how the city could become more attractive for skilled international workers.

5 hours ago

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New dad faces deportation from Sweden after 16 years due to holiday pay error

A new father has been ordered to leave Sweden – and his baby son – after 16 years in the country because of a minor mistake made by his employer relating to holiday pay.

1 day ago
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Recipe: How to make Spanish albóndigas in tomato sauce

Albóndigas (meatballs) are a traditional Spanish dish served in bars and restaurants across the nation.

3 hours ago




Bye-bye red slips: Switzerland to farewell its famous payment forms

It's been a long time coming but Switzerland’s famous pink and orange payments slips have been given a radical makeover with a new version to be rolled out from mid-2020 on.

21 hours ago




Copenhagen community kitchen highlights food insecurity with crowdfunding project

The organiser of a community kitchen started as a project to help fight loneliness says food insecurity is a hidden issue in Danish society.

23 hours ago




Train passengers in Germany should receive more money back for delays: EP vote

Rail travellers should receive greater compensation for train delays, the European Parliament decided on Thursday in a vote about upgrading rail passenger rights.

1 day ago




14 things you need to know about Beaujolais Nouveau

Thursday November 15th is Beaujolais Nouveau Day, one of the most important days in France's cultural calendar. But how much do you know about the wine that is at the centre of all the festivities and fun?

1 day ago