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Today in Italian politics: Italy's election has its own emoji

In the run-up to the Italian general election on March 4th, The Local is bringing you a daily round up of who's done what and why in the fast-moving world of Italian politics.

6 hours ago

Spain / Barcelona attack

France arrests three linked to Barcelona attacks

10 hours ago

Denmark / Prince henrik

Denmark and royal family say farewell to Prince Henrik

11 hours ago

Norway / Utøya film

Utøya film screened at Berlin festival

17 hours ago

Authentic European news, sourced locally.

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'Banning mobile phones in Swedish schools is as obvious as banning smoking'

Mobile phone usage in schools is hurting the health and relationships of children, so it's time to ban them during class time, argue three Swedish child health experts.

18 hours ago

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Is this the answer to your career rut in Norway?

No-one ever said getting an Executive MBA was easy. But those who have it under their belt all agree they’ve never looked back.

5 days ago

Switzerland / Expat

Helvetian 101: Your guide to the Swiss lifestyle

1 month ago

Modern pioneers



Seven myths about British nationals living in France

There are a few longstanding misconceptions about the British population that calls France home. Time to put the record straight.

5 days ago
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The easiest visa to get for your first year in Germany (if you're young)

For citizens of select non-EU countries, such as Canada, Japan and Israel, taking part in Germany’s Working Holiday programme is a relatively easy way to get one’s foot in the door in the country.

1 day ago

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Living abroad



Two more Danish restaurants given Michelin stars

Two restaurants in Denmark have been given stars for the first time in this year's Michelin Nordic Guide.

9 hours ago
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High flyer: Swiss firm H55 wins funds for new electric plane project

A Swiss firm co-founded by one of the key figures in the Solar Impulse project has won Silicon Valley funding towards developing electric aircraft.

10 hours ago




Spanish cheesemakers defend Manchego from Mexican 'copy'

In central Spain, the arid plains of La Mancha are famous for their windmills and Manchego, a cheese made out of ewe's milk that is one of the best-known representatives of the country's gastronomy.

2 days ago




Beach in Sardinia mulls banning towels to tackle tourist damage

Stintino, one of Sardinia's most popular beach areas, is considering a ban on towels to help protect its spectacular white sands.

11 hours ago




20 new words the French language needs

To mark the annual French language week here are 20 new French words (with an English influence) that really need incorporating into the French language.

8 hours ago