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Summer weather set to return to southern Norway: forecast

Temperatures could reach up to 30 degrees Celsius in Norway this week, according to weather forecasts.

29 minutes ago

Authentic European news, sourced locally.

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'We immigrants mustn't silence problems of gender inequality'

Foreign-born men in Sweden need to do more to tackle gender inequality, and that means talking about masculinity and hierarchies rather than keeping quiet or trying to recreate the society we come from, argues Vladimir F Ahmed, who has set up a charity that aims to do just that.

6 days ago

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10 funny German medical words every expat should know

German is a tricky language to begin with, but things get really mind boggling when you need to see a doctor.

1 week ago

Sweden / Edge computing

Living life on the edge: Edge computing explained

1 month ago

Sweden / By stockholm university

Destination Stockholm: The university attracting top teaching talent

1 month ago

Modern pioneers



Ten things to know before moving to Italy

You want to live in Italy, but where to start? Relocation coach Damien O'Farrell, who has spent 30 years helping foreigners make the move, runs through the top ten must-knows on his checklist.

4 days ago
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Danish employment levels still rising: 3,400 more in work in latest figures

Employment levels in Denmark have continued an upward trend, with a new high point reached in April.

3 days ago

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What you need to know about tipping culture in Germany

When do Germans tip, how much do they tend to give and what do waiters actually expect? These are all questions we put to a sociologist at Frankfurt University.

7 hours ago
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'Sky-high' executive salaries slammed by Swiss unions

A 2013 referendum that aimed to rein in sky-high executive salaries in Switzerland has failed to bring about the desired results.

8 hours ago




Recipe: How to make Swedish sponge cake

Food writer John Duxbury shares a recipe for delicious Swedish sponge cake with The Local. The dessert pairs well with classic Swedish strawberries for a simple but tasty Midsummer dessert.

3 days ago




10 odd tourist attractions in Germany you shouldn't miss

Though these tourist attractions range from a little quirky to downright creepy, you’ll want to add them to your list of must-sees in Deutschland.

1 hour ago




Banksy takes aim at French government with migrant mural blitz in Paris

The mysterious British street artist Banksy appears to have targeted the French government's crackdown on migrants in a series of new murals in Paris.

7 hours ago