Glimpse of summer: Parts of Norway prepare for 28-degree temperatures

While some rain is expected on Monday, eastern Norway is set to experience summery temperatures over the next two weeks.

Meteorologist Ingvild Villa says it is a bit early to proclaim the arrival of summer but adds that “the long-term forecasts look promising.” Photo by Emmanuel Appiah on Unsplash

According to the YR weather forecast, Oslo will see temperatures of 24 degrees for a couple of days this week.

The real hot spell is expected next week when meteorologists expect temperatures of 28 degrees in the capital, the newspaper VG reports.

On-duty meteorologist Ingvild Villa told the newspaper that the long-term forecasts look good but added that it is still uncertain.

“I heard that quite high temperatures are being reported at YR. But the further away the date is, the greater the uncertainty (related to the forecast),” Villa said.

Meteorologist: Promising long-term forecasts

In the next few days, some places in eastern Norway will also experience rain.

“Tonight, there will be some heavy showers, and especially Agder and Rogaland will be exposed to thunder and lightning. On Tuesday, there will also be a precipitation front that will bring rain and lower temperatures throughout the area.

“But after tomorrow, it looks like Østafjells (the region located on the eastern side of the Langfjellene mountain range in Norway) will be dry, warm and nice,” Villa said.

The meteorologist said it was a bit early to proclaim the arrival of summer but added that “the long-term forecasts look promising.”

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) told VG that the forecasts give cause for concern because warm weather combined with rain causes the snow to melt quickly and can lead to flooding in several places.

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What will the weather in Norway be like over the long weekend

Whit Monday is a public holiday in Norway, meaning many are looking forward to a long weekend. When it comes to the weather, it might be a bit of a mixed bag.

What will the weather in Norway be like over the long weekend

The weekend weather in Norway will see the country split in two right down the middle, meteorologists have forecast.

Essentially, those east of Norway’s highest mountains can expect pleasant temperatures and a good amount of sun, while those west can expect worse weather.

Far from ideal weather is on the forecast for west Norway, Trøndaleg and northern Norway. Furthermore, while plenty of those in south-eastern Norway can bask in the sun, those further north can expect snow.

“It can quickly get a little snow up in high altitude areas from Nordland and northwards. In addition, the mountain passes further south. It is (caused by) relatively cool air,” meteorologist on duty at StormGeo, Olav Erikstad, told broadcaster TV 2.

Bergen and Ålesund can expect rain and temperatures ranging from between six degrees Celsius and 11 degrees Celsius. Stavanger, along with the other major cities on the west coast, can also expect brisk winds in addition to the rain.

Tromsø will experience temperatures between one and five degrees Celsius, while it will be marginally warmer in Bodø.

Meanwhile, Oslo and Hamar will be the likely weather winners. Despite moderate winds, temperatures of up to 20 degrees Celsius can be expected.

Despite the typical spring temperatures, it still might be too cold for many to take their first swim of the year. Water temperatures are currently between seven and 15 degrees in southeast Norway.

Below you can see a tweet of the weather forecast from the weekend from the Metrological Institute.