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How to get Vienna’s €200 energy subsidy in 2023

Vienna is once again paying out an energy subsidy to approximately 650,000 households this year meaning households can get €200 worth of financial help towards bills.

How to get Vienna's €200 energy subsidy in 2023
Vienna illuminated at night (Photo by Ashkan on Unsplash)

With rising energy prices, Austrian governments have been looking for measures to cushion the effects of inflation on the population. In the capital Vienna, the administration is once again paying out an “energy bonus” of €200 to most households.

According to the government, anyone who applied for and received the energy subsidy in 2022, which is the case for 90 percent of the homes, will automatically receive the €200 in their account from April 17th. 

If something has changed in the household (for example, if you moved) or if you haven’t applied for the 2022 bonus, you will be able to do so after receiving a letter with a password that will allow you to submit a new application online.

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From April 1st, all registered households in Vienna will receive information by post, but only those who need to apply for the bonus (because they recently moved or because they have not submitted an application in 2022) for the first time will have to go through the process online. If you already received your €200 in 2022, you won’t have to make the application again. Instead, the money will be transferred to the same account again.

Who can apply for the payment?

In practice, most households will be able to apply, same as last year. There are, however, income limits: €40,000 gross per year for single households and €100,000 gross per year for homes with more than one person. In addition, only the income of persons over the age of 18 is taken into account.

The annual gross income can be taken from the income tax assessment for 2021 or 2020. If you do not have an income tax assessment these years, you can refer to the 2021 annual wage slip. The 2022 income is not relevant for eligibility.

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An application for the energy payment can be submitted by persons over the age of 18 who have registered their main residence at a Viennese address by the cut-off date of March 25th, 2023.

You can check more about the bonus HERE. If you still haven’t applied for the 2022 subsidy, it is still possible to do so until March 31st, as The Local reported.

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What cost-of-living payments could residents in Austria receive in June?

As cost-of-living continues to rise in Austria, people in the country can expect several one-off payments and subsidies next month.

What cost-of-living payments could residents in Austria receive in June?

Austria’s inflation rate continues to be at a high level, reaching 9.7 percent in April and is not expected to go down anytime soon. With almost everything in Austria becoming more expensive by the month, the federal government has struggled to cushion inflation effects.

Two measures announced recently should tackle the main villains of the cost of living: high food and energy prices. However, how effective those will be remains to be seen.

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Austrian chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) has announced that energy companies that don’t pass on lower market energy prices will have to face higher profit taxes. In addition, new regulations will make it so that prices will have to be adjusted more frequently, allowing the drops to reach the final consumers faster.

Regarding the food sector, the federal government announced a “food transparency report”, with the prices of essential food items more available and “comprehensible” to consumers. The idea is that buyers can more easily compare prices, take advantage of market competition and save money.

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Austria’s government is still continuing its somewhat controversial policy of offering one-off payments, especially to lower-income or at-risk people. For example, some pensioners that have not received their total “pension bonus” of up to €500 due in March will get the remaining payment – about €333 – at the end of June.

In Styria, employees of hospitals and nursing homes will receive additional bonuses, including a €3,000 bonus, €1,500 for nursing staff (the first of three instalments should be paid in June) and €750 for successfully recruiting new staff.

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The so-called “heating allowance”, a one-off payment to help households with their heating and electricity bills, can also be applied directly to the provinces of Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Vienna in June – other regions have already paid out the bonus.

Finally, the increased commuter allowance, which has been valid because of expensive fuel prices for some commuters, will cease to be valid in June 2023. According to the Climate Ministry, a new “gradual” commuter allowance should be introduced in the future.