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PODCAST: A coup plot, and how is Germany helping with bills in December?

This week we talk about an alleged plot to overthrow the German government, a year of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, why Berlin street names are being changed, support to pay heating bills, Ukrainian refugees in Germany and tips on visiting the Bundesrepublik this Winter.

PODCAST: A coup plot, and how is Germany helping with bills in December?

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In the latest episode, host Rachel Loxton is joined by journalists Imogen Goodman and journalist Aaron Burnett as well as Olga Kravchenko, a refugee from Donbas, Ukraine, based in Cottbus, eastern Germany.

We start off by discussing a major news story that broke this week about an alleged coup plot in Germany.

We then talk about Olaf Scholz’s busy first year as German Chancellor – and we dissect what the coalition government has achieved (and where they haven’t hit the mark). 

We talk about the significance of a campaign that led to Berlin changing two street names to honour those who stood up against German colonialism. 

Next, we discuss how the German government is supporting consumers by paying their gas bills in December, and what people should be aware of.

We talk about reported record figures on migration to Germany in 2022, fuelled by refugees arriving from Ukraine. We look at how that compares to the 2015 crisis, and how authorities are coping at the moment. Plus we hear from Olga Kravchenko – a refugee from Ukraine in Germany – who shares some of the challenges she’s faced this year. 

Finally, we share some tips on what you should know if you’re visiting Germany this winter, whether it’s about the best food to eat, the weather or the Glühwein deposit rule.

We hope you’re enjoying the Germany in Focus podcast. Please let us know if you found it helpful or if you have any feedback by emailing [email protected]. And don’t forget to share it, leave a comment or give us a rating on whichever platform you listen on. Danke!

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PODCAST: How Germany is (and isn’t) changing, royal bonds and do Germans make small talk?

This week we talk about important changes to life in Germany this April, a royal visit, what foreign students applying for citizenship should know, whether small talk exists in Germany, and cultural things that are slowly changing here - and things that never will.

PODCAST: How Germany is (and isn't) changing, royal bonds and do Germans make small talk?

You can follow Germany in Focus and listen HERE or on the below platforms:

In the latest episode, host Rachel Loxton is joined by The Local Germany journalists Sarah Magill and Aaron Burnett.

We start off by talking about some important changes happening in Germany in April, including updates on the €49 ticket and why people will likely see more money leftover in their wage slip after tax.

With Britain’s King Charles III making his first foreign visit as monarch to Germany, we discuss the significance of it, German royal connections, the history of the German royal family and where they are now.

As many of our listeners and readers have come to German to study, we focus on what that means when thinking about applying for German citizenship. 

The coalition government has been going through an internal crisis – we explain what’s going on behind closed doors. 

Does small talk really exist in Germany? We talk to German etiquette expert Nandine Meyden to find out.

Finally we chat about some of the cultural things that are starting to change in Germany – and some that will probably never change.