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LISTEN: Munich rents, the €49 ticket and what was life like in East Germany?

This week we talk about the significance of November 9th in German history, why a Munich landlord is being punished for offering low rent prices, the new Deutschlandticket, cost of living demonstrations and what life was like in East Germany.

LISTEN: Munich rents, the €49 ticket and what was life like in East Germany?

In the latest episode of Germany in Focus, host Rachel Loxton is joined by regular panelists Imogen Goodman and Aaron Burnett as well as historian and author Katja Hoyer

The team starts off by talking about why November 9th is known as the “day of fate” in German history. 

Then we hear the story of a Munich landlord who has received a fine from the tax office for charging too little for rent. 

Imogen talks about her experience of living in Munich and how the city’s rental market has changed over the years. The panelists also talk about rent developments across Germany, and why it’s difficult for tenants to challenge illegally high rents. 

After the federal government and states finally reached an agreement on funding for the €49 public transport card, we discuss what it means for people in Germany and when it’s likely to be rolled out. 

We also look at Berlin’s extended public transport offer and €9 ticket for certain groups. 

The team then discuss various demonstrations that have been happening across Germany in response to the rising cost of living as well as the government’s energy policies and other factors. We also hear more details about the situation in eastern Germany and why there are Monday demonstrations. 

We then hear from German history expert Katja Hoyer about how East Germans experienced the turbulent time after the Berlin Wall came down 33 years ago this week, and what life was like in East Germany during the separation between East and West.  

Lastly, the team discuss how Germans mark St Martin’s Day, before talking about the start of carnival season and the rivalry between Cologne and Düsseldorf. 

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PODCAST: Berlin’s topless swimming row, strike season and German tipping culture

This week we talk about gun laws after a shooting in Hamburg, a row about women going topless in Berlin, FKK, why there are so many strikes at the moment and tipping culture.

PODCAST: Berlin’s topless swimming row, strike season and German tipping culture

You can follow Germany in Focus and listen HERE or on the below platforms:

In the latest episode, host Rachel Loxton is joined by The Local Germany journalists Imogen Goodman and Aaron Burnett.

We start off by talking about gun laws in Germany after a shooting in Hamburg. 

We talk about why anyone – regardless of their gender – can now swim topless in Berlin’s swimming pools, and we get into German nudity culture. 

With the German citizenship reform set to be debated in parliament soon, we talk about the proposed changes to the draft law so far. 

With widespread strikes happening across Germany at the moment – we discuss why there is so much industrial action happening right now, and if any resolutions have been found. 

And if you’re confused about tipping culture in Germany – don’t worry we get some clarity on the dos and don’ts from German etiquette expert, Nandine Meyden.

Lastly, we’ll talk about the German words that strike fear into our hearts.