Norwegian authorities may recommend a fourth Covid jab to more groups

Fears over an autumn wave triggered by declining immunity mean the Norwegian Institute of Public Health may recommend more people receive a fourth dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Pictured is a Covid-19 vaccine being administered.
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In its latest report on the Covid-19 situation in Norway, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) said it was concerned about the possibility of an autumn Covid wave. 

While the spread of infection in Norway has been relatively stable in recent weeks, the NIPH pointed to more and more people being hospitalised in other European countries. 

The NIPH wrote in its report that this could be the start of a new wave triggered by new variants, declining immunity in the population and colder weather. 

It wrote that it was uncertain how large a potential wave in Norway could be but that more infection could be expected and that health institutions must be prepared. 

“A number of countries in Europe have an increase in the spread of infection and hospitalisations. We do not know how it will affect Norway and what increase we will get here,” Trygve Ottersen, a regional infection control director with the NIPH, told public broadcaster NRK

He said that it might also be relevant for the authorities to recommend a fourth vaccine dose to more people as a result. So far, around 11 percent of the population has received a fourth dose. 

Currently, care home residents, everyone over 65 and those in risk groups aged between 18 and 64 are offered a fourth dose. 

Ottersen didn’t say which groups would be offered a fourth jab if the NIPH recommends one to more people. 

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Norway ‘enters new Covid wave’ as minister issues warning

Norway is at the beginning of a new wave of Covid-19, according to the latest report from the Norwegian Insitute of Public Health. Meanwhile, the Norwegian Minister of Health has said measures could return if hospitals are overrun.

Norway 'enters new Covid wave' as minister issues warning

The spread of coronavirus infection in Norway is increasing, and the number of deaths and hospitalisations is on the up, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) writes in its latest assessment of the virus in Norway. 

It added that the increase in Covid was likely the beginning of a new wave of the disease. 

“It is uncertain how big this wave will be, but it is likely that a winter wave with the variants we know now (about) will not put a significantly greater burden on hospitals than the summer wave in 2022 did,” the NIPH said in the report. 

Over the last week weeks, 316 people in Norway have been hospitalised with the coronavirus. 

Norwegian Minister of Health and Social Care, Ingvild Kjerkol, said that the government would bring back Covid-19 measures if hospitals became overrun with the virus. 

“We have plans to be able to step up measures, if necessary,” Kjerkol told Norwegian newswire NTB on Wednesday.

 “What we are particularly watching now is whether we get several epidemics at the same time, i.e. a tough season with, for example, winter flu and increased corona infection,” Kjerkol added. 

Earlier this week, Assistant Health Director at the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Espen Rostrup Nakstad, said that a new Covid-19 Omicron variant, which may be more resistant to vaccines, had begun to spread.