Don’t call me Sir: Student life in informal Sweden

Titles are rarely used in any situation in Sweden – even in more formal settings like at university. What does it mean to study in a country as ‘informal’ as this?

Don’t call me Sir: Student life in informal Sweden
L-R: Student Devanshi Barodia, her teacher Adnan Mahmutovic, and student Hernando Soto Cañón at Stockholm University.

Sweden is known for its consent-seeking, flat-hierarchy-style leadership. It’s a nation with a reputation for having a more relaxed and open society, where job titles are seldom used. 

From doctors to university professors to the CEO of your company – in Sweden it’s okay to address people by their first name. In fact, it is expected. 

In the video below, we speak to a student and a professor at Stockholm University to discuss how this informal approach affects international students who are often used to a more traditional environment. What are the benefits for students, both while studying and for future careers? And are there any drawbacks? 

Find out how you can thrive as an international at Stockholm University

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