Where in Spain can people aged 30 to 39 book their Covid-19 booster shot?

Spain’s Health Ministry has approved Covid-19 booster shots for people aged 18 to 39, but only a few regions have opened up appointments for people in their thirties so far.

Many Spanish regions haven't opened up appointments for booster doses for over-30s because they haven't completed the campaign for over-40s. Photo: Miguel Riopa/AFP
Many Spanish regions haven't opened up appointments for booster doses for over-30s because they haven't completed the campaign for over-40s. Photo: Miguel Riopa/AFP

On January 13th, Spanish health authorities decided to include people aged 18 to 39 to the country’s booster shot plans, a big step for the campaign as it represents 12 million Spaniards out of a population of 47 million and two age groups in one go. 

In the majority of cases, people in this age bracket who initially received Pfizer or Moderna vaccines have to wait five months before getting their booster dose, whereas for those who had AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson it’s a three-month wait. Those who’ve had Covid-19 after full vaccination, will have to wait four weeks before getting their booster dose.

Even though the risk of having severe Covid symptoms is higher in older people, Spain’s Health Ministry has stressed that “the latest international studies show an 88 percent effectiveness rate of the booster dose in terms of avoiding hospitalisation with regard to the Omicron variant”.

All of Spain’s regions are now approved to give reinforcement doses to their residents in their twenties and thirties. 

Regional health departments have a certain degree of freedom over how they organise their vaccination campaigns, but in the majority of cases they’ve used a staggered approach, working down from oldest to youngest.

So with the official approval they needed from Spain’s Health Ministry and the Public Health Commission, which regions have opened up appointments for people aged 30 to 39?

So far, only some have opened it up for this age group, as many continue to administer booster doses to over-40s.

Roughly a third of people in the 40-49 age group in Spain have received Covid-19 booster shots so far, that’s despite being eligible for the reinforcement dose, so all regional health departments may have to move onto the 30-39 age group soon.

We will continue to update this article as soon as more regions open up booster shot appointments for people in their thirties, but here are the regions that have opened up booster appointments so far and how to book one. 


The Community of Madrid was one of the first regions to announce booster dose appointments for residents aged 30 to 39, with the campaign kicking off on Thursday January 20th.   

You can book an appointment through Madrid’s Tarjeta Sanitaria app on Android and iOS or through this website, where you’ll have to type in your CIPA health number and your Spanish ID, NIE  or passport number.

There are several vaccination points available, including the Isabel Zendal Hospital and the Wizink Centre.


Catalan health authorities have opened up booster shot appointments for people aged 30 to 39 as well as those aged 18 to 29, covering everyone who is now eligible for a reinforcement dose in the region. 

For the younger age group, eight months must have passed from their initial vaccination before they can get their booster shot, which for most will mean having to wait until March. However, people in this age group who are working in essential services can book now. 

Residents in their thirties in Catalonia can book an appointment via the La Meva Salut website or alternatively by visiting:, where you’ll be able to choose a time or change your appointment.

It is also very possible that you’ll receive an SMS from Catalan health services informing you that you’re eligible for a reinforcement dose. 

Canary Islands 

All over-30s who reside in the Canary archipelago can now book an appointment for their reinforcement dose through this website and then clicking “Cita Previa on line”, or on the miCitaprevia app for Android and iOS.

For now, they cannot book an appointment by calling 012. There are a number of vaccination points open across all the seven islands. 


People aged 38 or 39 living in the southern region will be able to book appointments for their Covid-19 booster shot from Friday January 21st. 

Pregnant women in their thirties, irregardless of their exact age, can also book from that day onwards.

Andalusian health services follow a fairly rigid year-by-year approach when it comes to vaccine appointments, adding one or two years every time they complete the older one. 

To book an appointment, visit either Andalusia’s ClicSalud+ health website (log in with your details and click on “Pedir cita de atención primaria/ Vacunación COVID-19”) or use the Salud Responde app for Android or iOS.


Navarre opened booster shot appointments for those aged between 30 and 39 years old on January 17th. Those eligible will receive an SMS text message to let them know and when to book an appointment.

Those who have received the message can book online via the website It is also possible to do so by email at [email protected], or by telephone by calling your local health centre, depending on which area you live in. 


Booster doses opened up for those aged 30-39 Galicia on January 19th. Those eligible will get an SMS text message sent to them, letting them know to go to a mass vaccination centre to get their jab. 

Valencia region 

People aged 30 to 39 in the eastern region will receive an SMS or a phone call from local health services in the coming weeks in order for residents to make an appointment for a booster dose.

You can check that your SIP healthcard contact details are correct here

Basque Country 

Basque authorities started to offer the booster shot for people in their thirties on January 17th. Visit the Osakidetza health service website to book a vaccine appointment. Alternatively you call 900 20 30 50, choose option 1, type in your NIE number and you’ll receive an SMS with your appointment.

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Spain set to offer fourth Covid-19 vaccine dose to over-80s

As Spain prepares to remove masks in most indoor public spaces, health authorities are planning to soon offer a second Covid-19 booster dose to people over 80 and those in care homes.

Spain set to offer fourth Covid-19 vaccine dose to over-80s

According to a report by Spain’s Vaccine Committee published on April 18th, Spanish health authorities will most probably start to offer a second booster dose to over-80s and care home residents in early May 2022.

Until now, the fourth dose has only been made available to around 120,000 people in Spain classified as vulnerable, including people with cancer, HIV patients, those who have had a transplant or are receiving dialysis.

The decision, which still has to be finalised by Spain’s Health Ministry, comes as the national government prepares to scrap the rule on April 20th which requires mask wearing in indoor spaces.  

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On April 6th, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) backed a second booster dose for over-80s, but added that it was “too early to consider using a fourth dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer’s Comirnaty and Moderna’s Spikevax) in the general population”.

Around 50 percent of Spain’s population has had a Covid-19 booster dose (less potent than the inital two-dose vaccination), but the rates are lower among younger people.

The Spanish government has changed its stance towards the pandemic in recent weeks, essentially treating Covid-19 like another endemic disease similar to the flu, and focusing its efforts on reducing infections in high-risk groups rather than among the general population as whole.

Sánchez’s administration has decided to stop counting and reporting on each and every case,  removed quarantines for asymptomatic and mild cases, and after a long wait, relaxed indoor mask wearing rules (in force from April 20th). 

Other countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy and France have already started offering an extra booster dose to its elderly population and those with weakened immune systems.