French word of the Day: Pimbêche

French word of the Day: Pimbeche
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
It's an insult that can only be applied to one gender.

Why do I need to know pimbêche?

According to the Canard Enchâiné, former president Nicolas Sarkozy called Valérie Pécresse (presidential candidate for his former party) pimbêche after meeting with her in December. 

What does it mean?

Pimbêche has been in the dictionary since the 17th century. It’s a familiar noun that is a way of saying someone is “stuck-up” – but it’s only applied to women. It is a contemptuous word only used when addressing a woman whom you find pretentious, with a haughty attitude. 

Pimbêche like mijaurée (snooty) is a noun that is only used to describe women. They have no direct equivalent for men.

Bêcheur exists and is a masculine noun, it is probably the closest equivalent to pimbêche but then again, you’re more likely to hear the feminine version bêcheuse for someone who’s attitude you dislike.

Use it like this

Quelle pimbêche ! – She’s so stuck up

Elle se prend pour qui celle-là ? C’est une vraie pimbêche ! – Who does she think she is? She’s so pretentious


Mijaurée – Snooty

Member comments

  1. Love these articles! To be accused of a haughty attitude by Nicolas Sarkozy, of all people, must have been a bit rich.

  2. Eric Zemmour sounds like another version française of Donald Trump.
    It’s hard to believe that Trump has so many clones spread all over the world.

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