Several Swiss cantons start children’s Covid vaccinations

Several countries have started vaccinating children against Covid
A number of Swiss cantons have already started vaccinating children against Covid, while more are set to follow later in January. Photo: Photo by GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP
A number of Swiss cantons including Zurich and Aargau started vaccinating children against Covid-19 on Monday, while several others are set to follow later in the week.

On Tuesday, December 14th, Switzerland formally approved Covid vaccines for children between the ages of five and 12. 

There are an estimated 600,000 children in this age group in Switzerland. 

On Monday, January 3rd, several Swiss cantons started administering vaccinations including Aargau, Bern, Graubünden, Uri and Zurich. 

From Wednesday, vaccinations will start for children in St Gallen, Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Schwyz. 

Vaccinations will start from January 8th in Schaffhausen and January 10th in Uri. 

Vaccinations have already been carried out in Zug (since December 31st) and in Lucerne (since January 1st). 

Registration is open in all cantons for vaccinating children. 

Experts believe vaccinating children is an essential step in reaching herd immunity and bringing the pandemic to an end. 

You can find out the information for each cantons, including how to register and the procedures they have in place, here.

For more information on the vaccination campaign for children in Switzerland, please click the following link. 

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Is the vaccine safe for children? 

“Clinical trial results show that the vaccine is safe and effective in this age group,” it said in a statement.

The Comirnaty vaccine is administered in two doses of ten microgrammes three weeks apart.

An ongoing clinical trial of more than 1,500 people “shows that the Covid-19 vaccine offers almost complete protection against serious illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 5 to 11-year-olds”, it said.

“Side effects tended to occur less frequently than in adolescents or adults. They included pain at the injection site and tiredness, or less frequently headache, aching limbs or fever,” the agency added.

In the United States, around 2.5 million children have been vaccinated. So far, there have been no evidence of serious side effects.

How can I get my children vaccinated against Covid in Switzerland?

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  1. Since there is no possibility of holding accountable those who make the vaccine for kids and those who give it the green light, one wonders why this is the case if they are so sure, including and especially the media.

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