Austrians respond to new lockdown with dry humour and memes

Austrians respond to new lockdown with dry humour and memes
'The lockdown Krampus has come again'. These streets in central Vienna would usually be packed with crowds. Photo: Joe Klamar/AFP
Austria's current Covid case numbers and latest lockdowns may be attracting global headlines and disrupting daily life, but some of the responses online perfectly showcase the wry Austrian sense of humour.

“Lockdown #4, you know the drill” and “Here we go again” were common refrains from restaurants and cafes, once again sharing details of their take-away offerings across their social media accounts.

The Tweet below also pokes fun at the now familiar routine of winter lockdown: “This year the lockdown Krampus comes again”, referring to the demonic figure whose job is to visit naughty children during the Christmas season and frighten them, a counterpart to St Nicholas who rewards good children with gifts.

And this sign at a bar in Vienna is sure to give you an earworm.

Of course, lockdown wouldn’t be lockdown without some toilet paper discourse…

“Hofer is launching a Christmas edition [of toilet paper] on Monday. They knew it!”

One of the tweaks to the Covid legislation from previous lockdowns is that skiing is now allowed. That fact hasn’t gone unnoticed or un-memed by social media users.

Nor did the sudden increase in wine bottles deposited at this Vienna recycling station.

“I probably just missed the moment before it was all collected…”

We’ll leave you with this final Tweet, an example of the Austrian knack for approaching bleak situations with self-deprecating dry humour.

“As of midnight on Monday, I’ll have been in more lockdowns than relationships.”

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