Wine to politics: 6 essential articles for life in France

French wine
Do you know your French wine trends? Photo: Jean-Christophe Verhaegen/AFP
From the latest trends in French wine to the best of the new French TV series, via travel rules updates, here's our pick of the six articles that will help you to better understand life in France.

It’s France’s most famous industry and wine-producers are fierce in protecting the traditions of their product.

But that doesn’t mean that nothing ever changes within French vineyards, and the last couple of decades has seen something of a quiet revolution as more and more growers turn their back on chemicals and go organic.

We have been talking to some producers about the reasons for their choice and the effect that it has had on the French wine market.

There’s been a few changes to the Covid-related travel rules this week.

You can keep up with all the latest in our Travelling to France section, but the first change covers extra testing requirements for some travellers from the UK.

The second concerns travel from France to the USA, which will be allowed again for non-US citizens from Monday, November 8th, provided they are vaccinated.

And thirdly, there has been yet another change to the system for people vaccinated outside the EU to gain the QR code necessary to use the French health pass.

This has been an ongoing problem, with many visitors from the USA, Canada and other non-EU countries reporting long delays in being able to swap their vaccination certificates for French codes, but now the government has introduced a different system which will hopefully make the process go more smoothly.

Those vaccinated in the EU, Schengen zone or UK have their own system.

If you’ve been following French politics you will undoubtedly have seen coverage of the Franco-British ‘fish wars’ – here’s a quick breakdown of what the dispute is about.

This row is being spun in very different ways on each side of the Channel, so we asked our columnist John Lichfield to take a look at the French political context, and the dilemma that Emmanuel Macron faces as he decides whether to trigger tough new checks on imports from the UK.

ANALYSIS: Macron’s dilemma over the Franco-British fishing spat

A good way to learn more about France, and to improve your French and pick up some colloquialisms, is to watch French TV and films.

We’ve put together a pick of the best French films and TV series to watch or stream this week, from thrillers to romances to the return of France’s favourite baking show.

And if you want to improve your French, here is our pick of the best series that will teach you some really good colloquial French.

6 of the best films and TV shows to watch in France this week

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