EXPLAINED: Who can actually get a Swedish Covid pass?

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The Swedish Covid pass, used when travelling, is not yet available to everyone. Photo: Fredrik Hagen/TT
The Covid pass system should work seamlessly – get vaccinated, log in with your digital ID, and download your Covid pass. But what happens if you don't have a personnummer or you were vaccinated abroad? Here's what we know so far, and what we're trying to find out.

The Local has previously reported the issues our readers have faced when trying to access their Covid pass, despite being vaccinated – some readers have even met issues despite having a personnummer. This article is designed to present what we know so far, and what we’re trying to find out for you. It assumes that you’re familiar with the different types of identity number in Sweden, but if not, here’s a guide.

If you have a personnummer (personal number)…

How you access your Covid pass varies slightly depending on a few different factors.

If you have a personnummer, were vaccinated in Sweden, have an approved digital ID (such a BankID) and your address is registered in the Swedish Population Register (folkbokföringsregistret), then you can log in to with your digital ID and download your Covid pass.

If you have a personnummer but do not have digital ID, but your address is registered in the Swedish Population Register, then you can apply via post to the e-Health Agency using this form.

If you have a personnummer but do not have an address registered in the Swedish Population Register, you can apply via post to the e-Health Agency using this form.

If you received your personnummer after you were vaccinated, then this means that your vaccine was registered under either a samordningsnummer or a reservnummer. See below for how to register your vaccine to your personnummer instead.

If you have a samordningsnummer (coordination number)…

First, check if your vaccine was registered to your samordningsnummer or to a reservnummer. Some vaccines were registered to a reservnummer despite the person who received the vaccine having a samordningsnummer. If you’re not sure, you can ask your vaccine provider which number they used when they registered your vaccine.

The Swedish Public Health Agency sent a request in September to regions stating that vaccines registered under a reservnummer should be reregistered under a samordningsnummer, if possible, but you may need to send a request to your region if your vaccination record has not yet been altered. Note that this only applies to people who already had a samordningsnummer – regions are unable to issue a samordningsnummer for vaccination purposes.

If your vaccine was registered to a samordningsnummer, you can apply via post using this form.

If you have a reservnummer (reserve number)…

Unfortunately, there is currently no system for generating a Covid pass for vaccines registered to a reservnummer.

This is due to the fact that reservnummer are generated differently in each region, so there is no way to match them up with individuals in the National Vaccine Register, and there can be multiple people registered under the same reservnummer.

The Covid pass system relies on entries in the National Vaccine Register to generate a Covid pass, so an entirely new system needs to be designed to accommodate entries registered under a reservnummer. As of September 6th, almost 36,000 vaccinations were registered under a reservnummer, so a lot of people are affected by this issue.

The Local contacted the e-Health Agency’s press service for comment, and the e-Health Agency told us that they “cannot give an exact date for when a solution will be ready”, and that they “need to receive an assignment from the government” in order for the process to move forward. We also contacted the government, and the health ministry told us that they aim to have a solution in place “later in autumn”.

If you got a personnummer after you were vaccinated and want to register your vaccines under your new personnummer

You should be able to contact your vaccine distributor and ask them to register your vaccines under your new personnummer, which should then update your Covid pass, but we have heard reports from some readers that this does not always work in practice.

One of our readers recently got in touch to tell us about his difficulties getting a Covid pass after his vaccine doses were registered to a reservnummer despite him having a samordningsnummer. He managed to get his vaccine distributor to re-register them under his personnummer, but is still having difficulties in accessing his Covid pass, which only shows one dose registered under the wrong date.

The e-Health Agency recommends that you contact its customer service at [email protected] in the case of errors in vaccine reporting. However, as the vaccines are administered by one agency, the vaccine register is managed by a second agency and the Covid pass is managed by a third agency, the e-Health Agency is not always able to help.

If you got one dose abroad and one in Sweden…

You might be able to register your second dose in Sweden as “dose 2 of 2”, meaning you will be able to prove double-vaccination status, but this depends on your region. You will need to be able to provide documentation of your first dose abroad to your vaccination provider, so make sure you take this along to your appointment.

There is currently no advice available for those who live in regions where this is not possible.

If you got both doses abroad and want to register them in Sweden…

As we have previously reported, this is not currently possible, as foreign vaccines registered abroad cannot be registered in the National Vaccine Register, meaning the Covid pass system cannot generate passes for these vaccines. To fix this issue, a new system for registering foreign vaccines would have to be developed.

In order to do this, the government would first have to appoint a national agency to be in charge of authorising foreign vaccines, and then the e-Health Agency would have to develop a system for manually adding these authorised vaccines to the National Vaccine Register so Covid passes can be generated. There is also the question of how this would be financed, and sorting out a solution to any possible legal issues with allowing other agencies to handle this personal data.

For those who were vaccinated in another EU country, the e-Health Agency recommends contacting the country of vaccination about getting a vaccine certificate there, which will be valid for EU travel.

For those who were vaccinated in a so-called third country, there is currently no way to register your vaccines in Sweden. The EU recommends that member states recognise vaccines carried out abroad if they are EU-approved vaccines, but this is not currently the case for all foreign-issued vaccines in Sweden.

However, it is important to note that the Swedish Covid pass system is currently only used for travel, not for access to events, as in other countries. This means that in practice, if you are fully vaccinated in an EU country or an “approved country” – a third country where vaccine certificates have been approved for travel to Sweden – your vaccine certificate will be valid for travel.

Residents of third countries who are exempt from the travel ban but not included on the list of approved vaccine certificates – referred to as “exempt countries” – must have an EU-issued vaccine certificate if travelling directly to Sweden from their home country, but if they are travelling to Sweden via another EU country then their third-country vaccination certificate is valid for travel to Sweden.

See the police website for an updated list of exempt countries and approved countries (close to the bottom of the page under “exempted countries and approved countries”).

The travel ban is currently due to expire on October 31st, so the situation may change after this date.

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