Northern German city of Kiel hit by tornado

Several people were injured on Wednesday evening after a waterspout tornado swept over the city of Kiel.

A tornado seen in the distance over Kiel on Wednesday.
A tornado seen in the distance over Kiel on Wednesday. Photo: Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Philipp Brandl

According to police reports, several people were injured at the waterfront.

The tornado started on the outskirts of Kiel in the district of Meimersdorf. It then moved over the Kiellinie – a popular promenade on the shore – at around 6pm. Four people were seriously injured in the event, according to the fire brigade. Three others also suffered moderate injuries and several people were slightly hurt. 

Waterspouts occur when a tornado forms over oceans, rivers or lakes.

While trying to rescue two rowing boats from the water, several rowers were caught by surprise on a jetty, the fire and rescue service added.

“They got completely tangled up and people fell into the water in the process,” they said.

Some people were also injured by flying objects, the fire and rescue service added.

A total of 60 helpers were on the scene and the operation lasted about two hours.

According to a meteorologist, tornadoes are not unusual at this time of year – even in Germany. But they are difficult to predict. 

“Something like this is absolutely impossible to predict,” said Sebastian Wache, a meteorologist from Wetterwelt in Kiel, reported NTV.

“Based on pictures, we assume that it was a tornado,” said meteorologist Michael Bauditz of the German Weather Service (DWD).

According to the fire brigade, several roofs were also damaged in a new building area in Kiel-Meimersdorf. In Kiel-Gaarden.

The northern part of Germany was braced for more storms and heavy winds on Thursday. 

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Summer to arrive early in Germany with scorching temperatures of up to 30C

A wave of hot weather is set to hit Germany this weekend with summery highs of up to 30C - and the heat-wave could last a number of weeks.

Summer to arrive early in Germany with scorching temperatures of up to 30C

As open-air pools and cinemas start to open their doors in the coming weeks, Germany is set for a sizzling spell where temperatures soar into the high 20s and even hit 30C. 

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In the south, meanwhile, it’s likely to remain more overcast – but with at least 25C temperatures in most regions, it’s still ideal weather to be out and about.

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