Melondramatic: Zurich store charges more than 100 francs for one watermelon

Melondramatic: Zurich store charges more than 100 francs for one watermelon
A generic picture of a (presumably) much cheaper watermelon. Photo by Art Rachen on Unsplash
A Zurich store has justified charging more than 100 francs for a watermelon, saying it has been grown organically and it arrived in Switzerland by rail.

Switzerland is known for expensive prices, including for imported fruit and vegetables.

But this organic watermelon is being sold for more than 100 francs in Zurich, which must rank as the highest fee ever demanded for a watermelon – or any single piece of fruit. 

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The 14 kilogram organic watermelon costs CHF101.50 (£81, US$111, €94.50), or roughly seven francs per kilo. 

The melon is on sale at Zurich department store Globus, who say the cost is justified due to the rarity of the melon and its organic production. 

The news was initially reported by Inside Paradeplatz, a Zurich finance news site

Since then, it has been picked up by other news outlets. 

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“Such a large melon is only found very rarely”, Globus spokesperson Franziska Gämperle told Swiss tabloid Blick. 

“We get these from a small, exclusive supplier in Italy with a focus on quality and the environment.”

“Such large watermelons are seldom available and are more complex to produce,” Gämperle continued, saying that the cost was also higher as the melons are only transported by rail to ensure they arrive without damage or bruises. 

Is this the most overpriced thing you’ve ever seen in Switzerland? If not, let us know. 

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