UK changes travel rules again to impose quarantine on European arrivals who had mixed vaccine doses

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UK changes travel rules again to impose quarantine on European arrivals who had mixed vaccine doses
Angela Merkel is not fully vaccinated, according to British rules. Photo: Christian Mang/AFP

The UK government has changed its travel rules to demand that fully vaccinated arrivals in England must quarantine if they had two different vaccine doses - a practice common across Europe and taken up by thousands including German chancellor Angela Merkel.


The UK government's travel rules say that arrivals from amber list countries (which includes the whole of Europe after France was reclassified from 'amber plus') no longer need to quarantine if they are fully vaccinated.

However an addition to the rules on August 12th shattered dreams of quarantine free travel for many, by adding an amendment stating that to be considered 'fully vaccinated' by UK rules, travellers must have had two vaccines of the same brand.


In several European countries mixing of vaccines has been quite widespread, particularly for those who had a first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine before guidelines on its use in individual countries changed.

Many countries (including the UK) now advise not using AstraZeneca for younger people after concerns over the risk of rare blood clots.

Younger people who already had AstraZeneca for their first dose were advised by many countries' health regulators to take Pfizer or Moderna for their second dose.

This covers tens of thousands of people including German chancellor Angela Merkel and French health minister Olivier Véran.

When we asked the British Department for Health and Social Care, we were told that people vaccinated with a mixed dose in the UK count as fully vaccinated, but those vaccinated in this way in other countries do not - however the rules as listed on the website make no mention of an exception for people vaccinated in the UK.

A DHSC spokesman said: "People who have received two different doses of a vaccine under the UK government vaccination programme can still be certified as fully vaccinated through the COVID pass. We are working as quickly as possible to determine which other countries’ vaccines and certification solutions we would be confident to recognise."


French Health Minister Olivier Véran was vaccinated with a first dose of AstraZeneca and a second of Moderna. Photo by Thomas SAMSON / POOL / AFP

There is no credible medical evidence that individuals who had two different brands of Covid vaccine are less protected against the virus, in fact some studies have suggested better protection from mixing and matching doses.

The 'clarification' of vaccine rules comes after a similar update saying that people who had received only a single dose of the vaccine after recovering from Covid - which is the standard practice in France - are also not considered fully vaccinated in the UK.

These rules at present affect only arrivals in England, the devolved nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have so far not indicated a change to their definitions.

Arrivals into the UK not considered fully vaccinated must quarantine for 10 days (which can be done at a location of your choice) and pay for travel tests on Day 2 and Day 8 after arrival.

Fully vaccinated arrivals do not need to quarantine, but must still pay for the Day 2 test.

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All arrivals need to fill in a passenger locator form, and the form cannot be completed without a booking reference for tests, so the tests need to be booked and paid for before departure.

Under the UK rules, arrivals are considered fully vaccinated if;

  • They have been vaccinated with vaccines approved by the UK regulator - Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson (also known as Janssen)
  • They have been vaccinated with two doses of the same vaccine
  • They are 14 days after the final dose


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Anonymous 2021/08/20 13:05
does anyone actually know if when visiting the UK from Denmark for 3 nights, Friday to Monday, if we actually need a fit to fly test or will the day 2 results suffice, i was leaving Stanstead airport yesterday morning and their customer service team there,4 of them, could not answer the question.
Daniela.Provvedi_305595 2021/08/19 22:02
Months ago I mentioned that this vaccine malarky was just a money making scam. And reading all your messages above, confirms it. Most people on this site jumped down my throat calling me terrible names - well, I hope you're feeling sorry.
Anonymous 2021/08/18 13:43
This whole scheme is so costly and so unfair. We have just spent over €1000 on Covid tests for three of us travelling to the UK for a family visit and wedding (third time it had been postponed). The costs are outrageous and clearly aimed at filling the coffers of the private healthcare system (this lining the pockets of many politicians and their chums….). Our daughter was made to do 2 tests within the first 6 days and we also had a person call round the house to check she was there on the 4th day of her quarantine. All this because the full 14 days had not passed after her second vaccine. Worth noting that at no point during our trip to and from the UK, did anyone ask to see our vaccine certificates/Green Pass. As for the mixed vaccines rule (which would have applied to her) I have only just read about this - thankfully we are now back home in Italy. However I have also noticed that the tampone costs have increased from €39 to €50 per person! I can imagine there are families who have not been able to reunite this summer because of this prohibitively costly set of hurdles. It’s a poor reflection on the UK government but really not that surprising unfortunately.
Anonymous 2021/08/17 13:20
How do they know what vaccines you have had? My pass sanitaire says 2 doses and Moderna but my first does was AZ. Is there something in the QR code that says I hvae had one AZ and one Moderna? I was just starting to plan my trip home to see my parents and now i Have no idea when I can go and see them.
  • Anonymous 2021/08/18 18:37
    I would be interested to know this too.
Anonymous 2021/08/16 18:48
I called the "Home Office Self Isolation Hotline" 0800 678 1767 on the UK.GOV website to clarify this rule about the "One vaccination for Covid recovered" travellers. On my pass, it says Dose(s) 1 - Vaccine completed and the person on the line responded by saying I don't need to quarantine. Still haven't book flights and still waiting for CLEAR Verification for this. The whole thing is a complete mess.
  • Anonymous 2021/08/17 19:52
    Let's face it, all these rules are setup to stop people travelling. The sheer complexity (and cost ) of the UK scheme discourages most people to travel. That's the goal from the government's point of view. Ministers rather be hated (they are anyway) than sitting in the dock for allowing a disease to spread and having done nothing to contain it. And most importantly, from the government's point of view, this pandemonium will be long forgotten when the next election is called up.
Anonymous 2021/08/15 12:28
The UK government has obviously introduced this change by the back door as there has been absolutely no publicity about in the UK. The whole thing is underhand but that's no surprise from Boris & cohorts. I live in Scotland but have small property in Italy which I have been unable to visit for nearly two years. The bottom line is none of the UK governments want anyone here to travel anywhere & are masters at antagonizing Europe & us. Shocking!
Anonymous 2021/08/14 23:52
Hello, Concerning the covid vaccination requirements in France, is it the case that only one jab is required when one recovered from covid? I would like to verify this detail ( which I read) as a non-european who would like to travel to France in a few months. Thank you for your comments!
  • Anonymous 2021/08/16 23:30
    Yes I confirm that rule:
Anonymous 2021/08/14 11:22
It's politics and has nothing to do anymore with 'fighting the virus'.
Anonymous 2021/08/14 10:50
I was in the UK for two days (10-12 august) and just returned to France. Before my flight, I had to pay for a 2-day test before getting the Amber Passenger Locator Form from the UK government's website. The test I paid for will not be available until October for two reasons. First, it is one of the cheapest as it cost me about £21. The others I saw on the list were at exorbitant prices (£50, £129, £240, £700, et cetera), and I think France had made the right decision to start charging for the PCR test. It will be unfair to let any British (or other travellers) take these tests for free when they are charging foreigners for them. We are not Muttons! UK's 2 or 8 days tests are now in the form of extortion of the highest order. It takes looking at the government accepted providers to see the scale of what seems like fraudulent charges, which translates to what pro-EU like me are predicting that the UK is a mess since Brexit. There are no regulations whatsoever when it comes to the limited prices to charge for these tests. Second, I was only in the Uk for two days, but I still need to book the test to obtain the passenger locator form to get into the UK. In resume, it means I paid for nothing and wasted my 21-pound sterlings. Another issue is that travelling to the UK at these moments is complete chaos! I wonder whether UK nationals coming into France had to go through similar worst experiences I encountered. It took us less than 50 minutes from CDG to London Heathrow Terminal 2, but it took us about 2 hours to get out of the airport. The queues (because there were two) consecutively) at the passport checking area where I should say in French, INTERMINABLE!!!. I took photos and videos. There was no social distancing, no gaps, and some people did not properly fit their masks on their faces because they proudly exposed their noses. It was a perfect terrain to catch COVID-19! Getting through the first queue took us 50 minutes through endless circles. When we finally got out, I thought it was over. Unfortunately, that little compared to what lay ahead of us. A lady directed us to join the second queue, this time heading towards the e-passport gates. It is sad to say this, but Brexit or no Brexit or Covid or no Covid, I firmly believe the current UK govt is incompetent to lead. I love London so much, but they have turned the city (and country) into a despicable playground. Out of the long list of e-passport gates, only THREE are in service! And these three gates are to serve hundreds of passengers on this queue. Anyone who travels a lot like me to the UK can relate to what happens when some folks' passports will not go through the e-gates, and they will not budge until someone forces them out of this place. Well, we had lots of these people, and they made our waiting for a living hell. When I got out of the airport, I met complainers like me and those who feel that we are lucky not to have stayed longer than those who flow in yesterday or the day before because it was worst then. Some said the airport is short of staff because many refused to come back to worst and some had gone back to studying. I do not blame those who prefer to pursue their education rather than stay put at this kind of job in a country heading down the hill as it seems right now. My return flight on the 12 experienced significant delay because, as the pilot told us later, the relationship between France and the UK has not been a good one since Brexit. They had to go through lots of screening before being allowed to take off. Overall, what is clear is that the UK is utilising this COVID-19 situation as a political weapon to frustrate those from the EU, particularly France. It is sad!
  • Anonymous 2021/08/14 19:01
    UK may be charging more for tests but they did give a vaccine to the World at cost. Sounds like you should give up on international travel for a bit
Anonymous 2021/08/14 08:06
Two observations. 1. If my understanding is correct, Germany is on the UK’s Green List so no proof of vaccination require, just PCR tests 2 days pre and post arrival. 2 Take a look on your EU Digitale-Zertificate der EU. It’s just got the one QR Code on opening showing you are ‘fully vaccinated’ yes border control can do a bit of scrolling to find the first one but I doubt they will
  • Anonymous 2021/08/14 08:49
    Thanks Simon but not a working proposition to justify the costs of travel!
Anonymous 2021/08/14 07:04
Carole What is the matter with the UK and what scientists are they listening to when they make these ridiculous decisions. A new (27 July) British study confirms that the mix of AZ/Pfizer is one of the best and gives above average protection! Introducing a 10 day quarantine is insane. Or is this yet another way of lining the pockets of the Government due to the high price of the vaccines and having to pay for additional accommodation etc. (that is if you have the time to quarantine!), plus the stress it causes! Wake up Britain and give the fully vaccinated a chance to travel freely and visit friends and family. Are the UK going to impose the quarantine on Angela Merkel if she travels there!
Anonymous 2021/08/13 20:16
So, we are heading to Rome from San Fransisco on British Air. We have a 1 hour & 20 minute layover in Terminal 5 at Heathrow...Can someone please tell we still need to pre book and pay for the '2 day test'? I am getting mixed messages ... We will be staying in Umbria for 3 months, so we really want to know. We also understand that everything may change for us on August 30. We travel on Sept 1.... Thanks so much!
  • Anonymous 2021/08/14 07:57
    If you land and leave from one terminal within hours, then you simply transit, never clear customs and do not enter the UK.
sean_610b9a10c7162 2021/08/13 19:37
"The scientific evidence unequivocally shows that boosting with a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine after a single immunisation with the AstraZeneca vaccine induces about 10 times stronger neutralising antibodies than two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine and is associated with only small increases in transient mild-to-moderate side effects. The European Medicines Agency has said of this heterologous vaccination approach: “There are good scientific grounds to expect this strategy to be safe and effective when applied to vaccination against Covid-19.” Kingston Mills, professor of experimental immunology and academic director of the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute at Trinity College Dublin
  • Anonymous 2021/08/13 22:49
    The UK rules relate to the first 2 jabs , not the booster jab ( although AZ say no booster jab is needed if both initial jabs were AZ ).
  • Anonymous 2021/08/13 20:13
    Thanks for the science! AZ followed by Moderna here with a sore arm and mild headaches after the Moderna lasting about 4 days - a small price to pay for the protection! It still saddens me the level of mistrust there is for vaccination in Germany: I know personally 4 elderly (70+), educated, middle-class, otherwise-healthy people who refuse to be jabbed. I wonder how many of them will be alive in 12 months time?
Anonymous 2021/08/13 17:29
Does this have to get any more stupid? Scientific evidence suggests that "mix and match" is the best option and now we have, once more, policies that seem to have been dreamed up by the self-serving UK Govt for the sake of some pathetic, populist, political expediency that make no common sense whatsoever. Well, even more reason to ensure the UK does not enjoy my custom - I give up.
  • Anonymous 2021/08/14 07:29
    Yup, I give up as well. I’m just sick to the teeth of the bumbling blonde buffoon and his incompressible, incompetent crew of cronies. I never thought the day would come when I was so disgusted with the behaviour of my home country that I would not want to even visit. I’m also astounded by the acceptance of all this by the Brits and as the months go by this whole thing is starting to look more and more like the Government in V for Vendetta!
  • Anonymous 2021/08/13 18:17
    Agreed. I don't know what "Scientists" they are taking advice from, but I put money on the AstraZeneca lot, who are miffed because most people in Europe don't want it! ( I had no choice but AstraZeneca for my first, but grabbed the chance for Moderna for my second!)

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