Green pass: Recovered people with one Covid jab now deemed ‘fully immune’ in Austria

Green pass: Recovered people with one Covid jab now deemed ‘fully immune’ in Austria
A green pass - Austria's Covid immunity certificate - is needed to access most venues and events in Austria. Photo: Sameer Al-DOUMY / AFP
People who have recovered from Covid-19 and had just one vaccination, will now be registered as “fully vaccinated” on their Green Pass in Austria.

In Austria, people who have recovered from Covid-19 are advised to have just one vaccination against the disease by the Austrian Vaccination Board.

However, this has left thousands of people unable to access privileges such as quarantine-free travel or access to venues and restaurants without testing, as their Green Pass does not show them as “fully immunised”.

Now that is about to change.

Starting now and until August 15th, changes will be made to the Green Pass so people who fall into this category will gain the privileges granted to those who have had two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. 

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The Austrian health system Elga has already received 736,000 entries covering those who have recovered and has started work on the technical implementation, Der Standard reports.

Two shots to be considered fully immune from August 15th

One other change coming into effect which may impact the vaccinated relates to the number of shots you need to have to be considered ‘fully vaccinated’. 

In Austria, you are deemed to have immunity 22 days after your first shot of any type of the vaccine. 

This will change on August 15th, where you will need to have had two shots of the vaccine to be considered fully vaccinated. 

After your second shot, the immunity is deemed to last 270 days, or approximately nine months. 

In the case of Johnson and Johnson, the 270-day period applies after the first (and therefore only) shot. 

If you have recovered from the virus and have also had one vaccination, your immunity is deemed to last until 270 days (or approximately nine months) after your shot. 

This is slightly shorter than in other countries, such as neighbouring Switzerland, where the immunity is deemed to last for a year. 

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