Austria imposes stricter penalties for breaching green pass rules

Austria has put in place stricter penalties for those breaching the 3G Rule, with venues liable for up to €3,600 and guests liable for up to €500.

Austria imposes stricter penalties for breaching green pass rules
A security guard checks a vaccine pass outside a nightclub. Photo: Sylvain THOMAS / AFP

The 3G Rule refers to ‘Getestet, Geimpft, Genesen’ (Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered) and describes the three ways someone can provide evidence they are immune to the virus.

Anyone wanting to visit restaurants, hotels and take part in events, get a haircut, etc, in Austria needs to do so pursuant to the so-called ‘3G Rule’. 

‘3G Rule’: How to prove you have been vaccinated, tested or recovered from Covid in Austria

This means they will need to show evidence of vaccination, a negative test or having recently recovered from the virus. 

Fines of €90 can be issued on the spot

As of Thursday, July 15th, police will be able to issue on-the-spot fines for breaching the rules. 

This includes people who have forged their 3G credentials – i.e. by using a forged certificate or by using that of another – or those who are not compliant with the 3G Rule but are in an area where it is required. 

Previously, it was possible to fine someone for not complying with the rule, however this needed to take place through an administrative procedure which was time intensive.

UPDATE: What are the current rules for masks in Austria?

Now fines can be issued immediately. 

Anyone who is not complying with the rule can be fined, regardless of whether they are an Austrian citizen, a resident or a tourist. 

Under the rule, anyone “failing to provide evidence of a low epidemiological risk” is liable for a fine of €90. 

Failing to wear an appropriate mask properly in an area where it is required will also result in fines of €90. 

Guests can be fined up to €500 for more significant breaches, however this is only through a court procedure. 

Bars and restaurants face fines of up to €3,600 for failing to ensure the 3G rule is being upheld, i.e. by failing to check green passes or allowing people who do not have a valid 3G pass to get a test. 

Rise in infections in bars and restaurants

Austrian authorities said they were concerned to make sure that people were complying with the rules in bars and restaurants. 

Evidence shows that infections are on the rise in hospitality venues. 

Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said there could be no reopening without adherence to the 3G rule. 

“We worked hard together to create the openings. The cornerstone of this relaxation was from the start the 3G certificate,” Mückstein emphasised.

We need “all businesses and companies to monitor compliance with the 3G regulation particularly thoroughly in order to prevent a further increase in the number of infections as far as possible.” 

Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger said people needed to comply with the rules. 

“We will do everything we can to ensure that the access rules in night-time catering, as well as in all other catering establishments, are complied with across the board. It is in the interest of night-time catering and its guests that these rules are taken seriously,” she said.

“This serves to protect everyone and helps that we don’t need any further protective measures. With the Green Check application, on-site checks can be carried out quickly and efficiently”.

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Austria recommends Covid booster shot for children aged five and over

The commission also recommends three doses of the vaccine for people who have recovered from the coronavirus disease.

Austria recommends Covid booster shot for children aged five and over

Austria’s National Vaccination Board has recommended that children from the age of five get a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccination, the “booster” dose.

“This third vaccination should take place at the latest at the beginning of the school year ahead of the expected next waves of infection in autumn”, the board said in a press statement.

The third dose is recommended six months after the second shot, the commission added.

Additionally, the updated recommendation given by the government body also clarified that a total of three vaccinations are needed for “the best possible and long-term protection”, even among people who have already been infected with Covid-19.

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The commission stated that “from an immunological point of view, these vaccinations are to be regarded as a basic vaccination”. This means that, in the future, the Covi-19 vaccination schedule will consider three doses of an approved vaccine.

According to the board statement, an infection with the coronavirus would only lead to a postponement of the vaccinations but shouldn’t replace any dose.

Austria’s Health Minister Johannes Rauch reinforced the need for vaccination in the country, which currently has fewer than 70 per cent of its population with two doses of the vaccine up to date.

“The corona vaccination has saved the lives of countless people and continues to do so. The ongoing adaptation of recommendations ensures that new scientific findings are constantly incorporated”, Rauch said in a press statement.

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The new recommendation can be found on Austria’s Health Ministry website. However, the ministry hasn’t specified how the recommendation would affect the Covid-19 passes or the “green pass” validity, especially those held by people who have recovered from the disease.

Covid numbers

Austria this Monday reported 4,111 new coronavirus infections, with 89,861 PCR tests taken in 24 hours. According to the Health Ministry, there are currently 1,492 people hospitalised with the virus (26 fewer than the day before), and 124 people are in intensive care units with Covid.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 18,054 people have died from the Covid-19.

The alpine country has currently 68.4 per cent of its population with a valid vaccination certificate, and 54.5 per cent of its population has received the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

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Austria has recently removed almost all of its coronavirus restrictions, including the need to show a valid vaccination certificate to enter bars and restaurants. The country also dropped its FFP2 mask mandate in all indoor areas except for “essential” places such as public transport, health areas, and supermarkets.