Sweden halts deportations to Afghanistan

Sweden is halting all deportations to Afghanistan, stopping the expulsion of some 7,000 people, over the deteriorating security situation in the country.

Sweden halts deportations to Afghanistan
Afghan security personnel inspect the site of a bomb explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, on July 10th. Photo: AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

Noting that the situation had quickly worsened “after the Taliban movement has taken control of large parts of the country”, the agency said it would pause all planned deportations.

“The decision is effective immediately and will be in force until further notice,” Carl Bexelius, head of legal affairs at the Swedish Migration Agency said in a statement.

Afghan officials in early July urged European countries to stop deportations for three months, and Nordic neighbour Finland announced earlier this week it would not send anyone to Afghanistan.

The Swedish agency said it would continue to monitor the situation and would later evaluate on whether to reconsider denied asylum requests.

It said it was still working under the assumption that deportations would resume once the situation had stabilised.

“Today there are about 7,000 people in Sweden that have received a deportation or expulsion decision to Afghanistan,” Bexelius said.

Several thousand Afghans, especially young unaccompanied men, have travelled to Sweden to seek asylum in recent years, often arriving via Iran.

With many denied asylum, the issue around deporting them to Afghanistan has sparked controversy, and critics have questioned whether their return would be safe.

The conflict-wracked country is facing a new crisis as insurgents snap up territory across the countryside, stretching government forces and leading to a fresh wave of internally displaced families, complicated by a renewed outbreak of Covid-19.

The spike in violence comes as the US and international forces are withdrawing from the country.

Member comments

  1. Deportation is the right word here. Same word everyone uses when talking about Germans deporting jews. After international troops now left, nothing waits in Afghanistan, except death.

    1. Germans were killing Jews. There was no deportation, only slaughter. These two situations are not really on the same page…

      1. Agree about difference between Situation. The wording is still the same, due to the industrial scale it is termed deportation. Calling it killing to soften the blow is tipping the scale for your argument. Although there is no doubt, that we are on the same page at this particular point. Then again people often leave out or mispresent to favour their standpoint. Careful here, as such argumentation strings are quite revealing.

  2. I really don’t understand one seriously concerning thing with, especially Muslim immigrants. Europe’s vast majority are Christian and live by these values for centuries. I agree with humanitarian values, however, there is an issue for me to find common ground. As it is non. When a Christian would like to move to a Muslim country temporarily or permanently, it is a solid NO and lucky if the person doesn’t end up in jail. Muslims flooded the EU and besides often enjoying better benefits than the country’s citizens, they don’t really want to integrate. They want to open their own facilities to pray and instead of integration, they separate themselves in communities. To me, the EU made a huge mistake and I don’t see the easy fix here. The often criticized Hungarian PM did the right thing. In Hungary, there are no migrant problems, no interruption with its citizens. In Sweden on the other hand, migrant rape cases against Swedish women went to skyrocket in recent years, and I believe that the government and immigration should focus more on the safety and well-being of their own. I do not discriminate, hate, or being racist. But I see the population that is changing and the numbers are changing as well. An average European family has 2 children but recent years show a decline. Muslims, following their religious guidelines are often having 5-7 children. Just do the math to see the results in 1-2 decades. All I am saying is, I’d like to see migrants, that are unhappy, threatened in their own country, come to the EU and do a full integration. Otherwise, there is no balance and it is unfair to our own. Let see a Christian moving to Afghanistan and open up about wanting to build a church… Yet the EU let this happen.

    1. “Muslims, following their religious guidelines are often having 5-7 children” this generalization is very interesting. What is the source of this information? Do the Muslim immigrants in Sweden also have 5-7 children on average? While the fertility rate is below 2 among Europeans, don’t you think that a higher than average fertility rate among Muslims is a positive development? Please reply.

  3. I quite agree with a1iccreative above. I would like to add also that 5 – 7 children is an underestimate considering that many Muslim men marry more than one wife, 2 or 3 or even more, each one giving him 5 or 7 children! You do the maths!!

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