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Reader question: Can I access Italy’s Covid ‘green pass’ if I was vaccinated in the US?

As Italy rolls out its version of the EU digital health certificate, several readers who live in Italy but were vaccinated elsewhere have been in touch to ask how they can access it.

Reader question: Can I access Italy's Covid 'green pass' if I was vaccinated in the US?
A guard scans a digital health certificate on the Italy-Slovenia border. Photo by Denis LOVROVIC/AFP

Question: I’m an American citizen living in Italy part-time and I was fully vaccinated in the US. How do I get an Italian ‘green pass’?

There has been some confusion about the rules on getting Italy’s certificazione verde or ‘green pass’ recently after the country began allowing entry from the United States, Canada and Japan under the same terms as the European Union’s digital Covid-19 health certificate scheme.

While this means people can use health documents issued in those countries to enter Italy, the ‘green pass’ situation was less clear for people from those countries who are living in Italy.

People who live full or part-time in Italy but were vaccinated in their home countries are in fact now finding themselves unable to access Italy’s health certificate.

At the moment, the Italian version of the ‘green pass’ document is only being issued to people who were vaccinated, tested or recovered from Covid-19 in Italy

If you were vaccinated in another country, at the moment you would instead need to obtain a health certificate from that country.

Photo: Pau BARRENA / AFP

While you can’t get a ‘green pass’ however, you should be able to use your US-issued medical documentation in its place.

“Those vaccinated in the USA can prove [their vaccination status] via the ‘white card’ bearing a CDC logo,” stated the Italian Embassy in Washington.

You can also use a negative test result certificate, or a medical certificate which proves you have recently had and recovered from Covid-19.

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However these documents may not be valid for travel to other European countries, as each member state has its own differing requirements.

Under the EU-wide health certificate scheme, from July 1st people should be able to show a scannable, digital version of the pass containing a QR code (whether on your smartphone screen or printed out).

All EU member states have now started issuing such digital passes


A French version of the European digital certiciate. Photo: Olivier MORIN/AFP

The EU, or individual European countries, may also decide to recognise compatible digital passes issued in non-EU countries.

For example, the EU is currently considering allowing travellers from the UK to show proof of full vaccination using a digital pass obtained via the British NHS (National Health Service) app.

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But as the US does not have such a system in place nationwide at the moment, there is currently no clear way for people who were vaccinated in the US to access a digital document containing a QR code. 

If, instead, you are eligible under Italy’s system as you were vaccinated here but you don’t have an Italian health card, you can find a guide to getting your certificazione verde without it here.

Please note that The Local is unable to advise on individual cases.

For further details of the requirements, see the Italian Foreign Ministry’s website (in English), or contact your airline or the Italian embassy in your country.

For more information about the current coronavirus situation and health measures in Italy please see the Health Ministry’s website (in English).

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  1. This is all way to damn complicated. Figure it out already people. I thought these bureaucrats were supposed to be the smart ones.

    1. We as UK residents in Italy would like the green pass but the UK NHS Vaccine Certificates do not upload for the Italian Green Pass.

  2. If it’s any consolation, we had no issues with presenting our US-issued CDC vaccination cards around Italy last week. We used them to enter the country via the EU dPLF, to obtain our antigen test from a lab in Montefiascone and even to enter the Stadio Olimpico for the England-Ukraine match on July 3.

  3. What about an Italian citizen traveling to the USA? Why does Italian citizen have to quarantine for 14 days outside USA even with vaccines n negative COVID-19 test?

  4. I’ve got a digital vaccine certificate from New York state, as well as a CDC card. Even though it’s a state and not a national program, would that still suffice under the ‘green pass’?

  5. Hello…I am both Italian and American citizen. I got vaccinated in the USA? Can I get the green pass as am Italian citizen? Is this clear to anyone? There are many Italians vaccinated abroad. Thank you for anyone who has a clear answer? Jennifer

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