These are the most future-proof jobs in Sweden right now

These are the most future-proof jobs in Sweden right now
Health care workers are among the most highly sought after professions in Sweden. Photo: Image Bank Sweden
With a seemingly never-ending pandemic, it’s no surprise that the most future-proof jobs in Sweden are in healthcare. There will also be great demand for several other trades from now until 2026.

Healthcare staff, carpenters, system developers, teachers and engineers are some of the professions that will be highly sought after in the coming years, according to an updated forecast from Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Service) which predicts job opportunities in Sweden up to 2026.

“Despite the effects of the pandemic, we believe that there will be good job opportunities in several parts of the labour market. But it is also clear that a completed education is of great importance for standing up to the competition for jobs,” said Ingrid Viklund Ros, a labour market analyst at the Swedish Public Employment Service in a press release.

They predict tougher competition for jobs in sales, purchasing and marketing, finance and administration, and culture. In the hotel and restaurant industry, it is estimated that the demand for staff will be varied.

You can find out the forecast for your profession on the Arbetsförmedlingen website (in Swedish).  

Here are the professions to invest in over the next five years:

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Preschool teaching
  • Medical doctor
  • Software and system development 
  • Systems analysts and IT architecture
  • Dentistry
  • Bus and tram drivers
  • Building and ventilation sheet metal workers
  • Electrician
  • Chefs 
  • Medical secretaries and care administrators
  • Decorators
  • Personal Assistants
  • Welders 
  • Woodworkers and carpenters

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  1. If this pandemic has taught us one thing, then it is that scientists saved our asses. In an unparalleled effort, the majority of work done for repurposing, diagnostics, treatment and vaccine technology has happened preclinically. But sure lets invest in personal assistants and decorators, so your home office is well takem care of.

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