Work from home until at least end of September: Swedish Public Health Agency

Sweden's recommendations for the general public on how they should act to curb the spread of Covid-19 were on Wednesday extended until at least September 30th.

Work from home until at least end of September: Swedish Public Health Agency
If your job can be done remotely, your employer should allow this; if not, they should be taking measures to curb the spread of infection at the workplace. File photo: Jessica

These include the requirements for individuals to stay at home if they experience symptoms of Covid-19, to work from home to the extent possible, to keep a distance from other people, and to limit their new contacts by only socialising with their closest circle and avoiding environments where there is a risk of crowding.

Previously these recommendations were in place until June 30th, but they have now been extended to last into the autumn.

The recommendations, allmänna råd in Swedish, are set by the Public Health Agency and are separate from regulations passed by the government under Sweden’s pandemic law, which include legislation on opening hours and maximum visitor numbers in restaurants and other businesses as well as caps on the number of attendees at public events.

It is possible to be prosecuted in Sweden for putting others at increased risk of catching Covid-19, including through negligence, but on the whole there are no legal sanctions for violating the allmänna råd.

They do however have a basis in the Communicable Diseases Act, and authorities have stressed that all individuals’ actions will affect the development of the epidemic within Sweden.

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