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Which Swiss cantons have free coronavirus vaccine appointments?

Several Swiss cantons have an oversupply of vaccine doses, with thousands of free appointments as a result.

Which Swiss cantons have free coronavirus vaccine appointments?

Just a few weeks ago, vaccination centres across Switzerland were calling out for a greater share of vaccine doses as people clamoured for appointments. 

Now, several cantons say supply is outstripping demand. 

The Swiss government is concerned about this, saying it could jeopardise the goal of reaching herd immunity in the populace. 

In order to reach herd immunity, experts suggest a minimum of 80 percent of the population need to be vaccinated. 

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Andreas Widmer, President of the National Center for infection prevention Swissnoso, told 20 Minutes that the country’s entire strategy hinged around herd immunity. 

“If the willingness to vaccinate decreases in individual cantons, there is a high risk of new variants that the entire vaccination strategy will be destroyed.”

Which Swiss cantons have free coronavirus vaccine appointments? 

Swiss news outlet 20 Minutes reports that supply is outstripping demand in several cantons. 

Basel City, Bern and Thurgau, for instance, have free appointments and are encouraging people to become vaccinated. 

Zurich, while having the largest population of any Swiss canton, also has free vaccine appointments – so much so that since May 20th, Zurich allows people from any Swiss canton to be vaccinated there. 

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Valais also allows people from other cantons to be vaccinated there. 

Technically speaking, any Swiss citizen or resident is entitled by the federal government to be vaccinated in their canton of choice (i.e. not only where they work or reside), however some cantons have sought to restrict jabs to their own residents. 

More information is available at the following link. 

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Danish engineers first to be jabbed under voluntary vaccine scheme

Twenty employees of the Danish engineering firm Lowenco, together with their boss Mikael Hoier, on Sunday became the first people to be given the Johnson & Johnson vaccine under Denmark’s new optional vaccination scheme.

Danish engineers first to be jabbed under voluntary vaccine scheme
Practio co-founder Jonas Nilsen said that the employees had all been given detailed adviuce before they were given the jab. Photo: Practio

The group wanted to get vaccinated so that they can travel to India to install 20 freezers at a vaccine factory.

“It went pretty well, pretty calm and then a little prick,” Hoier, director of Lowenco, told state broadcaster DR.

After undergoing a medical consultation on Saturday, the group were given the green light to get vaccinated on Sunday.

“They all had many questions about potential side effects and the pros and cons of receiving the vaccine,” said Jonas Nilsen, a doctor and co-founder of Practio, which has been given the task of vaccinating Danes under the new optional scheme.


After thinking over the decision overnight, two of the company’s employees opted against receiving the vaccine. 

“That is absolutely OK by me. It’s a personal decision and it won’t go against them,” Hoier said. 

Practio doctors advised the company to delay their departure to India to the end of this week, so the vaccine has more time to take effect, and they do not suffer complications during their trip.

“There is a chance that someone will be affected by side effects such as headaches, fever and soreness shortly after being injected,” he said.

Sunday’s vaccinations were carried out at Sønderbro Apotek in Copenhagen, and from Monday, vaccinations will be given at Practio’s own vaccine site in Copenhagen, where up to 5,000 people can be vaccinated a day.

The company plans to soon open vaccination centres in Roskilde, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg. 

On Sunday, Nilsen told Norwegian broadcaster NRK that more than 20,000 people in Denmark had already put themselves down on the list for an optional vaccination, and said that his company is capable of treating about 70,000 vaccination patients a day.