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Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Wednesday

Find out what's going on in Sweden today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Wednesday
A lot of road works are scheduled for the summer. Here's a picture from Enköping earlier this spring. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Major summer road works planned across Sweden

If you’re planning a road trip through Sweden this summer, be prepared for delays. The Swedish Transport Administration has published a list of planned major road works.

The E4 road along the northern coast is one of the stretches that will be particularly affected by road works, especially north of Umeå and between Gävle and Härnösand.

Traffic in Sweden has fallen by around 10 percent during the pandemic, but may pick up pace this summer as more people are expected to holiday in Sweden rather than abroad. In general, however, there are usually fewer cars on the road in summer (as long chunks of summer holiday are common in Sweden, so you don’t get the same daily rush-hour peaks of drivers heading to work), which is why the road works are carried out then.

You can find a list of planned road works HERE. If you don’t speak Swedish (or prefer looking at a map), you may find it easier to use this map to find all ongoing and planned road works.

Swedish vocabulary: road works – vägarbeten

Sweden recommends Covid-19 vaccine during pregnancy

The Swedish Public Health Agency has decided to recommend the Covid-19 vaccines even during pregnancy, after more and more available data reaffirm that it is safe.

It writes in an update that the decision has been made in dialogue with other Swedish agencies and follows similar decisions by the US, Canada, Israel, Belgium and the UK. It adds that the vaccines that are currently being used for under-65s in Sweden should be offered after the 12th week of pregnancy to people without underlying health conditions.

Sweden already recommends that risk pregnancies be offered the vaccine – this includes women aged over 35 or with a BMI exceeding 30.

Swedish vocabulary: pregnant – gravid

New coronavirus cases fall in Stockholm and Sweden

The number of new confirmed coronavirus cases in Stockholm fell by almost 40 percent last week compared to the week before, according to regional health officials. Last week 3,393 new cases were confirmed in the region, down from 5,602 the week before.

Sweden has had a serious third wave of the pandemic for weeks, so the downward trend starts from a high level, but is also reflected nationally. Swedish Health Minister Lena Hallengren tweeted on Tuesday that new cases had fallen by more than 30 percent.

More than 43 percent of Sweden’s adult population have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and almost 15 percent have also received their second dose.

Swedish vocabulary: case – fall

Sweden hands out tax cuts as ‘corona bonus’

The Swedish government has put forward a proposal offering tax cuts on income in 2021 and 2022, to compensate workers for increased costs during the pandemic.

The tax breaks, which are a joint proposal by the Social Democrat-Green government and the Centre and Liberal parties, affect those earning between 60,000 kronor and 500,000 kronor annually and will amount to up to a 2,250 kronor tax deduction.

The scheme, which Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson referred to as the “corona bonus”, is expected to take 5 billion kronor a year out of Sweden’s tax income.

Swedish vocabulary: tax – skatt

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