The French vocab you need to get the Covid vaccine

The French vocab you need to get the Covid vaccine
A man gets the Covid vaccine injected by a health worker. Photo by Theo Rouby / AFP
Dépêchez-vous (hurry up!) might be the first phrase that comes to mind when contemplating the French Covid vaccine programme, but appointments are going ahead, so here's a quick guide to some of the medical vocabulary you might need.

Finding an English-speaking doctor or nurse in France can be difficult, especially in rural parts of the country, and in vaccine centres you are unlikely to be given the choice of an English-speaking medic.

Those who aren’t fluent in French may find it challenging to understand everything they tell you, and some of the key questions that you will be asked.

Here’s a look at some of the phrases that could come in handy for booking the appointment and getting the vaccine. 

J’aimerais prendre un rendez-vous – I would like to make an appointment

Le vaccin Covid – the Covid vaccine

Quel vaccin allez-vous me donner ? – Which vaccine will you give me?

Aurais-je une réaction allergique ? – Could I have an allergic reaction?

Quels sont les effets secondaires ? – What are the side effects?

Quand aurai-je ma deuxième dose ?– When will I have my second dose?

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Comment allez-vous me contacter? – How are you going to get in touch with me?

Puis-je choisir sur quel bras me faire vacciner ? – Can I choose which arm to get the vaccine in? You maybe also be asked if you are gaucher (left-handed) or droitier (right-handed).

Ça me fait mal ici – It hurts here

Je me sens étourdi – I feel dizzy

When you arrive at your appointment, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. Here are the main questions they will ask you:

Avez-vous eu la Covid-19 au cours des trois derniers mois ? – Have you had Covid-19 in the past three months?

Souffrez-vous d’allergies graves ? – Do you have serious allergies?

Avez-vous été vacciné contre la grippe ces deux dernières semaines ? – Have you been vaccinated against the flu in the past two weeks?

Avez-vous de la fièvre ou d’autres symptômes ? Do you have fever or other symptoms?

Avez-vous été en contact avec un cluster très récemment ? Have you been in contact with a cluster very recently?

Êtes-vous enceinte ? Are you pregnant?

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Aïe, ça fait mal ! – Ouch, that hurt! Hopefully you won’t need this one, we’re told that it’s just a little prick and most people barely feel it. 

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