Reader question: Can I travel to my second home in France from the UK?

Reader question: Can I travel to my second home in France from the UK?
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The French government has relaxed its travel rules in relation to the UK, but that doesn't mean that all types of travel are allowed immediately.

Question: I read that the French government has lifted its travel ban for the UK, does that mean I can come to France straight away? We have a property there that we haven’t been able to visit in many months.

The short answer to this question is – the French government says yes but the UK government says no.

Since March 12th, France has lifted its requirement for travellers coming from the UK – and 6 other non-EU countries – to have a ‘compelling reason’ for their trip.

Travel to France from the UK is now allowed for any reason, including tourism and family visits, although travellers are still required to have a negative Covid test and travel paperwork to enter the country – find the full requirements HERE.

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However, the UK is still on lockdown and all types of travel, including international travel, are strictly limited.

There is one reason on the UK’s exemption list related to property – to carry out activities related to buying, selling, letting or renting a residential property.

So it seems that if you are selling or renting out your second home in France you could travel, but just visiting it is not allowed. Find the full list of UK rules HERE.

The UK restrictions are provisionally set to end on May 17th, conditional on the health situation.

If you are able to travel, there is also the question of quarantine to consider.

The French rules merely ask people to quarantine at a location of their choosing for 7 days, and there is no enforcement of this, but the UK rules are stricter – requiring a compulsory 10-day quarantine for anyone entering the country, plus the compulsory purchase of a £200 testing package. Find more on the UK quarantine rules HERE.

There are at present no exemptions to either country’s rules for people who have been vaccinated, although that may change in the months to come.

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