Brexit: Britons in Norway can now apply for new residency permit

Brexit: Britons in Norway can now apply for new residency permit
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From January 2021 Britons who have already moved to Norway can apply for new residency permits.

Following the end of the transition period on December 31st 2020 Norway will be issuing a new type of residence permit for British citizens who have lived in Norway long term as well as those who moved to Norway before December 31st 2020.

So if you had a permanent right of residence in Norway on December 31st 2020, you also have the right of residence in Norway after January 1st 2021.

However, you must apply for a new permanent residency permit to formalise this right, according to updated UDI information.

Applications for residence according to the Brexit regulations opened on January 4th, 2021 at 12pm. British residents have until December 31st 2021 to apply.

Britons have the right to remain in Norway until you have received the new residence permit, UDI states.

How to apply

The online application platform opened on January 4th, 2021 and can be found here.

Most applicants will have to attend an appointment with the police to confirm their identity, while others will have to submit documents, which may include national ID or a passport and documentation of residence in Norway up to December 31st last year.

You will receive a personalised checklist of any documents you have to submit along with further instructions after you have filled out the application.

If you only have to present yourself to the police, rather than send documentation, you will receive a separate email from the police regarding this, according to UDI. Waiting times for this can vary according to local capacities.

Detailed information on the application process, including for family members of UK citizens, can be found here.

According to the UDI, “British citizens and their family members who have a right of residence before the transition period expires will still have the right to reside and work in Norway.”

“Britons and their family members they will also have the right to family immigration if the family relationship was established before the end of the transition period. This also applies to children born or adopted after the end of the transition period,” the authority states.

Otherwise for those Britons who arrived in Norway after January 1st 2021 and wish to settle ordinary immigration regulations for countries outside the EU and EEA will apply.

Further detailed information on who is required to apply for the new residence card, including for people who work in Norway, citizenship applicants and people who have lived in the country for a long time and have older forms of residence permit, can be found on the UDI’s website.

What documentation do I need while my application is being processed?

In comments prior to the end of 2020, UK's ambassador to Norway Richard Wood said: “From next year [2021, ed.], UDI will issue a new residency card for UK nationals living in Norway but until then, it's important to always carry an official document which proves their residency if they travel abroad.”

That can take the form of the registration certificate issued by the Norwegian police on registration as a resident in Norway, according to UDI’s information page.

If you do not have a registration certificate or came to Norway before the registration scheme came into place, you can use a residence certificate from the tax authorities to show that you are resident in Norway. This can be ordered from the tax authorities via the Altinn website. Note that this may take a few days to receive, so should be done in advance if you plan to travel.

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