The most in-demand non-tech jobs in Spain in 2020

The most in-demand non-tech jobs in Spain in 2020
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A new study sheds lights on the most advertised job positions in Spain in 2020, none of which are tech-related.

Spain may be notorious for its chronic unemployment rate – 13.8 percent as of January 2020 – but there are still thousands of jobs being advertised in fields that are fairly traditional and in reach of many jobseekers. 

These are the findings of global recruiting firm Adecco, which has stressed that despite the advent of Big Data, AI and other specialized tech fields in Spain’s job market, the most in-demand positions in 2020 will still be closely linked to the country’s largely service-based economy.

Here are the jobs that Adecco forecasts will be the most sought after in Spain in 2020.

Sales executive

This evergreen job position will still be highly demanded in Spain in 2020 as many companies struggle to sell their products in a competitive and largely stagnant local economy.

Administrative assistant

Here’s another perennial job that will remain very much in demand in Spain this year, especially in the logistics and transport field.

Customer service operator

Contact centres, a new term to describe call centres that use more modern forms of digital communication, are very much on the rise in Spain according to Adecco.

Maintenance technician

The increased use of technology and mechanisation in Spain’s industrial production chain means companies will look to recruit more tradesmen with a background in mechanics, electrical and similar fields in 2020.

Product representative

Another sales role which Spanish companies will be looking to hire candidates for in 2020. A product representative – or promotor in Spanish – promotes products in public locations such as trade fairs, shopping centres or door to door.

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Specialised shop assistant

Many Spanish employers will be on the lookout for retail assistants with expertise in their particular sector, as businesses (many of them high-end) look to reinforce their image and brand with specialists rather than regular shop assistants.

Care worker

Spain’s ageing population meant that the demand for care worker vacancies grew by 6 percent in 2019, and there’s no sign of that changing in 2020. Employers are looking for candidates with a qualification in caregiving to work in residential and home care.

Production operator

Spain’s automotive and pharmaceutical sectors will be looking to recruit more workers to handle the first stages of production in their factories. Some form of vocational training is usually required.

Warehouse assistant

The global rise of e-commerce sales has resulted in a higher demand by companies in Spain for workers who are in good shape and willing to work shifts handling orders in their warehouses.

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