Malmö Airport to introduce three new international routes

From spring, it will become possible to fly to three new international destinations including Berlin from Malmö Airport, formerly known as Sturup.

Malmö Airport to introduce three new international routes
The airport already offers over 20 international routes and the new additions are intended to compensate for a loss in domestic flight traffic. Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT

Three new international routes will be introduced from the airport to compensate for the declining numbers of domestic passengers, Sydsvenskan reports.

As well as Berlin, the other two destinations on the cards are Split in Croatia and Pristina in Kosovo.

“There may be more. We are working on it intensively,” Peter Weinhandl, head of Malmö Airport, told the newspaper.

Last year 50,000 fewer travellers took domestic flights from the airport, a reduction of ten percent.

It is currently possible to fly to 23 overseas destinations direct from Malmö, including Belgrad, Budapest, Krakow and Warsaw.

Factors including flight tax and concern over climate change have led to a reduction in passenger numbers taking domestic flights in Sweden, and above all it's the smallest airports that have been most severely affected.


overseas flight — (ett) utrikesflyg

domestic flight — (ett) inrikesflyg

traveller — (en) resenär

reduction — (en) minskning

overseas/foreign — utländsk

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  1. Is this really news? I mean I can’t imagine seeing this front page of most other news sites. It should be titled Mälmo Airport to Introduce 3 new European routes, made me think I could fly to Australia direct.

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Copenhagen Airport delays: Air traffic controllers borrowed to ease shortage

Air traffic control company Naviair will loan air traffic control staff from the smaller Roskilde Airport to solve persistent flight delays out of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Airport delays: Air traffic controllers borrowed to ease shortage

The loan of staff from Roskilde Airport will be in place throughout the peak summer season, Naviair said in a statement.

The decision has been made to prevent major flight delays affecting passengers at Copenhagen Airport.

Naviair said that the solution will give it enough cover for most of the summer flight traffic without lengthy delays or asking air traffic controllers to work overtime.

Capacity at Roskilde Airport will be reduced during the period.

“The plan is going to have some consequences. The reallocation of air traffic controllers means reduced capacity at Roskilde Airport, whose users we naturally apologise to,” Naviair director of traffic Thorsten Elkjær said in the press statement.

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The shortage of air traffic controllers and related dispute between their trade union and Naviair, their employer, has resulted in delays for hundreds of thousands of passengers at Copenhagen Airport in recent weeks.

Naviair has asked its staff to take on extra shifts due to the shortage but has also said it has increased intake on training programmes to eventually increase the number of staff available. 

The air traffic controllers have said that the overtime is not at a manageable level, and that they have taken 1,500 additional shifts so far this year.

Figures from April show that some 45 percent of flights from Copenhagen Airport were delayed last month and the issue has continued into May.