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The most romantic nicknames to woo your Spanish sweetheart

The most romantic nicknames to woo your Spanish sweetheart
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Are you a fatty, half an orange or just somebody's darling? The Local gives you the most affectionate names to call your Valentine.
My fatty 

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No, you won't get a slap or an evil look if you call your Spanish lover a gordi. This pet name for lovers is commonly used regardless of people's weight. Say gordo/a (just straight fat) and the outcome of your name-calling may be very different.
My half an orange

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Unless you're with a gold-digger, there's no reason to think the person calling you mi media naranja wants to bleed you or squeeze you dry. The expression means my better half or my soul mate.

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In English, comparing your lover to female genitalia would land you a thick ear. In Spanish, however chochito is considered a term of endearment. Just don't use it in front of your grandma.
Little pigeon

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Fear not, your partner will not think you're comparing them to a filthy city bird. Pichoncito/a, 'little bird', is sickly sweet but not offensive.
La Parienta 

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Word of warning, gents – this is not a loving term to use with your wives. The English equivalent is 'the missus' and in Spanish parienta can also be understood as a relative.
My soul 

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Sounds deep, but the term mi alma is used more often by Spanish grandmothers who bump into you in the street than by young people in relationships.
My little insect/bug

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Don't be put off by the pet name bicho or bichito. After all, you can decide whether you want to be a dung beetle or a ladybird.
My love/darling

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The golden oldies never die. Mi amor and cariño are still the most common pet names used by Spanish couples.
My sky
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For the lovebirds who are on a high, mi cielo or just cielo is an endearing pet name to use.

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Literally meaning heart, it's usually used without the mi at the start.
List compiled by Alex Dunham

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