14 ways to say ‘OK boomer’ in French – according to Twitter

14 ways to say 'OK boomer' in French - according to Twitter
The phrase 'OK boomer' has swept to popularity first in the USA then in the UK in recent weeks, and now one Twitter users has offered her suggestions, including some fairly insulting ones, on saying it in French.

The phrase is a dismissive response that younger people can make to the 'baby boomer' generation (people born between 1946 and 1964)  if they feel they are being patronised or lectured by them.

It hangs on the fact that millennials feel they have it much tougher in terms of employment security and the cost of living, so resent being told to just try harder by members of an older generation who are now largely retired. 

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So for example if someone who bought a house in 1971 – when the average house in the UK cost  £5,632 and the average wage was £2,000 – starts lecturing someone trying to buy a house in 2019 – when the average house costs £247,000 and the average wage is £26,000 – about financial management, they might reply with a sarcastic 'OK boomer'.

So with the phrase growing in popularity in the Anglophone world, a French Twitter user from Grenoble who goes by the name of Hamcat has made some suggestions for how the French could adopt the phrase.


So – with a warning to any baby boomers reading that some of these are pretty brutal – here they are.

Note, we don't encourage you to use these, but you'll likely learn some new vocabulary.

D'accord senior – OK, oldie

Si tu l'dis papy – If you say so, daddy

Ta gueule l'aïeul – Shut it granddad. For more on how to use ta guele, click here.


C'est noté, retraité – Noted, pensioner

Si tu veux, gâteaux – If you want, gaga


Y'a moyen, doyen – That's the way, senior.

Super, grand-père – Great, granddad

Et puis quoi encore, dinosaure – and then what, dinosaur

Certes ancêtre – Sure, ancient one


Ainsi soit-il, sénile – So be it, senile old git

Fort bien l'ancien – Very well, old man

Oui bon, croûton – yeah right, old git. For more one how to use croûton, click here.

D'accord, bientôt mort – OK, coffin dodger.

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