101-year-old British submarine found off Denmark

A 101-year-old British submarine has been discovered in the Skagerrak sea north of Denmark, by researchers using a 3D scanner and an underwater robot.

101-year-old British submarine found off Denmark
The G8 disappeared after being ordered to return home in January 2018. Photo: Jutland Sea War Museum
The HMS G8 was declared missing on 14 January 1918, a week after it failed to return to its base on the River Tees on the planned date. 
Gert Normann Andersen, Director of the Jutland Sea War Museum, said in a press release that he was certain that his team had found the vessel, more than a century after its disappearance. 
“The wreck is draped in trawling nets, which makes it hard to see all the details, but I have no doubt that this is the G8,” he said. 
The wreck was found using a 3D multibeam scanner, which identified a submarine of the same length and breadth as the G8. An underwater submarine equipped with a camera then sent back images confirming the find.
The G8 embarked from the Tees on its final patrol on 27 December 1917, accompanying the submarine HMS G12 and the destroyer HMS Medea, en route to the Kattegat. 
The vessel was ordered to return on 3 January 1918, but did not arrive on 6 January as planned. 
From the images, Andersen said it seemed clear that the G8 had sunk as the result of an accident or malfunction rather than falling victim to German mines or torpedoes. 
“So many submarines went down with mines or torpedoes and you can easily see it, but this submarine you don't see anything, so I don't think there's been any explosions,” he told The Local. 
In its press release, the museum said there were signs that the crew had been attempting to bring the vessel to the surface when it sank. 
“The prow is pointing sharply upwards, which indicates that an attempt has been made to float the submarine to the surface after an accident of some kind,” the museum said. 
The submarine patrolled the seas from the north of Shetland all the way through the Skagerrak sea to the Kattegat between Denmark's Jutland peninsular and Sweden, looking for German submarines. 
There are no plans to salvage the vessel. 

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German police arrest fugitive twin over Dresden museum heist

German police said Tuesday they have arrested one of two fugitive twin brothers from the so-called Remmo clan wanted over their suspected role in snatching priceless jewels from a museum in the city of Dresden.

German police arrest fugitive twin over Dresden museum heist
Archive photo from April 2019 shows the Jewellery Room of the Green Vault. Photo: DPA

The 21-year-old suspect was detained in Berlin on Monday evening over what local media have dubbed one of the biggest museum heists in modern history, a spokesman for the police in the eastern city of Dresden said.

The twins had eluded German authorities when they carried out raids last month and arrested three members of the Remmo clan, a family of Arab origin notorious for its ties to organised crime.

Police then named them as 21-year-old Abdul Majed Remmo and Mohammed Remmo.

All five suspects are accused of “serious gang robbery and two counts of arson,” Dresden prosecutors said.

Police did not immediately name the arrested twin. His brother remains on the run.

The robbers launched their brazen raid lasting eight minutes on the Green Vault museum in Dresden's Royal Palace on November 25th, 2019.

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Having caused a partial power cut and broken in through a window, they snatched priceless 18th-century jewellery and other valuables from the collection of the Saxon ruler August the Strong.

Items stolen included a sword whose hilt is encrusted with nine large and 770 smaller diamonds, and a shoulderpiece which contains the famous 49-carat Dresden white diamond, Dresden's Royal Palace said.

The Remmos were previously implicated in another stunning museum robbery in the heart of Berlin in which a 100-kilogramme gold coin was stolen.

Investigators last year targeted the family with the seizure of 77 properties worth a total of €9.3 million, charging that they were purchased with the proceeds of various crimes, including a 2014 bank robbery.

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