Traffic warnings issued in Paris region as summer holiday exodus begins

Traffic warnings issued in Paris region as summer holiday exodus begins
Traffic will be 'very difficult' for holidaymakers leaving Paris on Friday and Saturday. Illustration photo: AFP
Roads in the Paris region are set to be extremely busy on Friday and Saturday, with thousands of holidaymakers heading across the country as the school summer holidays begin in France.
As the schools break up for the summer holidays in France it can mean only one thing – traffic jams. 
Bison Futé, the government-run site that monitors traffic levels, is predicting that on Friday and Saturday traffic conditions will be “very difficult” (red warning) in and around Paris as people who traditionally take their summer holiday in July (known as “juilletistes”) set off from the French capital.  
Traffic is expected to be normal across the rest of France on Friday however on Saturday the rest of France is on orange alert, meaning conditions will be “difficult”. 

Map: Bison Futé

There is expected to be heavy traffic on most major routes to the south and coastal regions, such as Normandy, Brittany and the south west as French holidaymakers join the Belgians, the Dutch and the British, whose holidays have already begun.

On Friday, traffic in the greater Paris region of Ile-de-France will be heavy around the toll booths, particularly on the A6 and A10 from the late morning until late in the evening. Bison Futé has advised holidaymakers to leave the capital either before 6 am or after 8 pm. 
On Saturday, traffic leading out of the French capital is expected to remain “very difficult” as conditions become “difficult” across the rest of the country. 
This will particularly affect roads leading from the north of the country to the south east and the Mediterranean, as well as those leading to the south west and Spain, with Bison Futé advising motorists to set off before 8 am.
The good news for anyone travelling on Sunday is that conditions on the roads will have returned to normal, all except in the east of the country which is classified orange or “difficult”. Anyone travelling in this area of the country should leave before 9 am, according to the traffic monitoring site. 

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