Quiz: How well do you know your French food?

Quiz: How well do you know your French food?
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French food culture is a serious business, and if you're looking to spend time in the country you will be well advised to learn the secrets of the country's famous gastronomy.

Fortunately, this type of 'study' also involved eating a drinking a lot of delicious things, so get stuck in to culinary French with our quiz.



How well do you really know French food culture?


Every year, a contest is held in Paris to determine who will provide the Élysée (where the President lives) with what?


Who is this legendary French chef?


How much cheese does your average Frenchman eat per year?


French politician Édouard Herriot once famously said that politics was like this encased meat that “doit sentir un peu la merde, mais pas trop.” (“It should smell a little bit like shit, but not too much”).


The current year’s vintage of this French wine is traditionally released for sale on the third Thursday of November:


This pastry is known as a “chocolatine” in the Southwest of France:


Which of the following cheeses does not originally come from Normandy?


One can usually find coq au vin, boudin noir and beaujolais at these traditional restaurants native to Lyon:


Chouchen is a honey-based liquor that comes from which part of France?


President Jacques Chirac was credited with bringing this somewhat forgotten French delicacy, often served with sauce gribiche or sauce ravigote, back into fashion: 

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  1. Interesting, but food quality is higher, and prices lower in Germany. I live on the border of Germany, in the Grand Est, and lots and lots of people shop, and go to restaurants over the border.

    France is slipping because it has killed most of the small businesses…

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