European Green Card plan handed timely boost with EU award

A plan to create a European Green Card that would guarantee the existing rights of Britons across the EU, including freedom of movement, was given a timely boost this week.

European Green Card plan handed timely boost with EU award
Alex Stubb, former PM of Finland (centre), Madeleina Kay, and Roger Casale (left) in the European Parliament in July 2018 for the launch of the prototype Green Card. Photo: New Europeans.

The project is the brain child of the New Europeans campaign group led by Roger Casale.

This week it picked up the the Schwarzkopf Europe Award from former European Parliament President Martin Shulz.

The basic idea of the European Green Card is is that Britons who have lived legally in the EU for five years and gained permanent residency rights could be issued the card to guarantee their rights, mainly freedom of movement.

The card could also be presented when returning to EU countries from outside the bloc.


The Schwarzkopf Europe Award is given annually to institutions or public figures who have distinguished themselves in an outstanding way by a committed and dedicated service to either European understanding or the growing together of Europe. 

New Europeans won the award following an online vote amongst young people aged 18-35 across Europe for the EU Green Card campaign

Roger Casale, Founder and General Secretary, New Europeans said: “Just like the EU citizens and Britons in Europe whose lives have been in limbo for three years, young people want to live in a Europe that guarantees their rights and freedoms not just today but also in the future.”

“As EU citizens, we give meaning to our transnational status by asserting and defending our rights.”

“Whether it's buttressing freedom of movement via a Green Card, or upholding political rights of those many EU citizens denied their rightful vote in the recent European Parliamentary elections, New Europeans carry a torch for all of us in our campaigns.”

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