These are the towns with the best weather in Italy

These are the towns with the best weather in Italy
This town on the Italian riviera has the best weather in Italy, according to a new study. Photo: depositphotos
Which part of Italy has the best weather? While you might think of the beaches of the south, it's not all about sunshine.

A new study from financial weekly Il Sole 24 Ore has attempted to rank the weather in all of Italy's 107 provincial capitals based on ten factors including annual rainfall, relative humidity, number of “extreme weather events” (such as floods) and even taking into account the summer breeze.

The top five are all coastal towns and cities, though only two are in the famously sunny south.

The study awarded first place to the chic northern port town of Imperia, on the Italian Riviera, which scored well on all metrics.

Screenshot: Il Sole 24 Ore.

In second place was Catania, Sicily, which unsurprisingly scored highly on the sunshine metric, and had few extreme weather incidents and cold days

Pescara, on the central East coast, came in third with plenty of heat and sunshine, but also scored quite highly for extreme weather events.

Fourth place went to Bari, the coastal capital of the southern region of Pugli, and fifth was the Tuscan port town of Livorno.

Livorno's Mascagni Terrace bakes in the summer sunshine. Photo: Depositphotos.

The report showed each seperate metric's ranking in full, meaning you can check out which towns are best for sunshine – or avoiding rain and fog.

For example, Siracuse ranked tenth overall but was also found to be the place with the most sun and the least rain in Italy. Enna topped the heat index, while Perugia gets the best summer breeze.

You can explore the full rankings here.

The data set will be used in the newspaper's annual qualty of life index, which ranks life in Italian towns on factors from weather to education and environment.


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