These are the ‘best and worst’ train stations in France (according to passengers)

These are the 'best and worst' train stations in France (according to passengers)
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France's national rail operator has gathered together years of reviews from train passengers to come up with a list of the best and worst French train stations, according to those who use them. Here's a look at the results.
If you're someone who has spent a lot of time travelling around France by train, no doubt you have some strong opinions about which rail stations are the country's worst. 
And now you can see whether other people agree with you.
For the new SNCF 'satisfaction barometer' the rails operator has used years worth of reviews on topics such as toilet cleanliness, information, safety, transfers, the quality of the time spent at the station and the shops and services available, to see how the country's rail passengers rate French train stations. 
And while overall the results were positive, certain stations didn't make the grade. 

Photo: AFP

When all the scores were combined, Paris Gare du Nord, once dubbed the 'squalor pit of Europe' and Gare de Nice-Riquier left rail passengers the least satisfied. 
Train users considered Gare du Nord to be “ugly, dirty and unsafe” but the good news is that a major renovation is set to overhall the station by 2024.
And during summer 2018, train users blocked the tracks at Gare de Nice-Riquier to voice their “exasperation” with the “regularly delayed” services. 
Despite this when passengers were asked, “What score for satisfaction would you give to this station today?” it was the train station in Rennes, the capital of Brittany in north west France, which users gave the lowest mark, scoring just 5.96 out of 10 overall. 
This could be down to the fact that the station has been undergoing renovations for the past four years, with users complaining particularly about the difficulty of finding your way around. 
Rennes was followed by Montpellier station in the south of France, with a rating of 6.4 and Liseux station in Normandy (6.5). 
However, not all stations were rated negatively by users. 
When combining the stations most appreciated by SNCF users, it was the small rural station of Meuse in north east France that scored highest, with 8.2 out of 10. 
This was followed by Belfort-Montbéliard in eastern France, Gare de Morlaix in Brittany, Lorient station in Brittany and Gare de Poitiers in western France. 

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