Spanish Christmas lottery winner dies three days after win

Spanish Christmas lottery winner dies three days after win
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A retired businessman in Huesca was part of a team from his old school whose numbers won 1st prize, the Gordo, in this year's Christmas lottery. But tragedy struck the man soon after.

The man, named as José Luis Rodríguez López in Spanish media, died on Christmas Day, 72 hours after hearing he was one of the lucky 'Gordo' winners of the Christmas lottery. 

The 84-year-old was set to have won approximately €400,000 as part of his share of a ticket purchased each year by the San Viator school, which he attended, reports La Vanguardia.

Rodriguez López had run a textile store most of his life which he had inherited from his father. The lucky number, 03347, he had purchased via an alumni association of the local San Viator school he had attended. 

José Luis Rodríguez López reportedly fell ill two days later on December 24th before being hospitalized. He died on December 25th.

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The main 'Gordo' prize in the Christmas lottery, la Lotería de Navidad, saw €680 million split among the winners, according to data supplied by the annual lottery. 

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