Sweden unveils hottest Christmas gift of 2018

Worried the festive season has become an exercise in consumerism and Black Friday shopping? Swedish retailers predict the Christmas gift of the year will be something much more sustainable.

Sweden unveils hottest Christmas gift of 2018
HUI Research's Sophie Nilssonne unwraps the Christmas present of the year. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT

Retail organization HUI Research every year picks what they think will be Sweden’s most popular Christmas gift of the year (årets julklapp), which inevitably often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Last year the electric bicycle claimed the top spot, in 2016 the nod went to VR glasses and the year before that the robotic vacuum cleaner helped keep homes clean during the holiday season.

The prize has been criticized for encouraging consumerism, so perhaps it was partly as a reaction in response to that that the organization on Tuesday named “the recycled garment” as its choice.

It said: “The recycled garment reflects the Swedish interest for new sustainable alternatives and increasing concerns about climate and environment. The recycled garment captures a time where new business models and technological innovations enable a more sustainable consumption.”


The criteria for the Christmas gift of the year are that it must be trendy, a hot seller and represent the times in which we live. This year marks the 31st year that HUI Research has published its prediction for the gift most likely to be snapped up from the shelves in the run-up to Christmas.

The tradition began in 1988 when a baking machine was nominated. Previous winners include a cookbook, perfume, mobile phone, acupressure mat and an electronic pet.

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