France to ban electric scooters from pavements

France to ban electric scooters from pavements
Photo: AFP
France's transport minister has vowed to crackdown on those speedy electric scooters that are starting to make walking on the pavement in France more and more hazardous.

Borne has said she wants to introduce a new law that would force electric scooters off pavements and onto roads and cycle paths.

Electric scooters have taken off in France in recent years particularly in big cities like Paris and Lyon.

While some riders will use the roads many stick to footpaths to avoid traffic lights and cars but that makes pavements more hazardous for pedestrians.

The fact some of the more powerful scooters can reach speeds of 40km/h suggests they should be on the roads along bikes, which are forbidden from pavements.

But there is nothing in current French law that bans electric scooters from the pavements, however Borne has vowed to change that.

“We are going to clarify that pedestrians have priority on the pavement, because vulnerable people must be able to use them without worrying,” said Borne.

A transport bill that will be presented in October will include a new law that forces the electric scooters onto roads and cycle paths.

“Mayors will be able to adapt the law depending on the situation locally,” Borne added.

However the transport minister dismissed the idea of forcing electric scooter users to obtain a special kind of license which is the case for riders of certain mopeds.



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