Easyjet flight transports passengers from Berlin to Berlin in 80 minutes

How long is a flight from Berlin’s Tegel airport in the north of the city, to the city’s Schönefeld airport in the south?

Easyjet flight transports passengers from Berlin to Berlin in 80 minutes
An Easyjet flight near Berlin Tegel. Photo: DPA

Well, on Friday this surprising trip took an hour and 20 minutes.

The Taggespiegel reports that an Easyjet plane, which was supposed to fly to Zürich, Switzerland, made this unusual journey from one side of the city to the other after a misunderstanding.

The plane, which was carrying around 200 passengers, was initially delayed because of a technical problem.

It was supposed to leave for Zürich from Tegel at 9:20pm on Friday – but left shortly after 11 pm.

At this point it was thought Zürich Airport officials were poised to allow the plane to land, even though the Swiss airport has a night-time curfew in place.

A ban on flights between 11:30pm and 6am has been in force since July 2010.

However, the pilot on the Easyjet flight then informed the passengers at around 11:40pm that there had been a misunderstanding – because Zurich Airport was not accepting any flights.

The plane then had to turn around and go back to Berlin. Tegel was already closed so the plane landed at around 12:15am in Schönefeld.

The Tagesspiegel reports that there were only five taxis at the airport due to the time of day, which left the passengers struggling to find transport. 

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