Have we just seen the last ‘hot’ day of the Swiss summer?

Have we just seen the last ‘hot’ day of the Swiss summer?
A rainbow above the vineyard terraces of Lavaux on the banks of Lake Geneva on August 1st. Photo: AFP
Temperatures hit 30C in much of Switzerland on Wednesday but there is a reasonable chance it won’t happen again for many of us.

After an extremely long summer, it could be that the magic 30-degree mark, which indicates a “hot” day for meteorologists, will not be reached again in most of Switzerland.

On Wednesday, temperatures hit a toasty 33.1C in Gösgen in the canton of Solothurn, an even 33C degrees in Basel-Binningen, and 31C or 32C in many other locations.

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But Thursday is set to be a tad cooler, at least in the north of the country, while Friday will usher in a distinctly cooler and wetter spell in most areas.

The summer may make a return of sorts next week and “hot” days can be recorded in some locations in late August and even into September.

On the Swiss plateau, however, they occur in September only every five to ten years, weather service Meteonews reported on Wednesday.

The hottest temperature this month to date was 36.2C in Sion on August 5th.

The records for heat set in 2003 look set to stand if current forecasts are anything to go by.