Police confiscate 150 million euros from fruit and veg mafiosi brothers

Palermo’s Antimafia Investigations Directorate (DIA) has confiscated assets worth 150 million euros from a pair of brothers who for years orchestrated the mafia infiltration of the city’s largest fruit and vegetable market.

Police confiscate 150 million euros from fruit and veg mafiosi brothers
Photo: ChiccoDodiFC/Depositphotos

Angelo and Giuseppe Ingrassia, both 61 years of age, had strong ties to the Cosa Nostra and exercised hidden control over the sale of fruit and vegetables in the market on Via Montepellegrino on behalf of the Galatolo clan, working through nominee directors, the DIA’s investigations found.

The pair used the services of the cooperative Carovana Santa Rosalia to secretly control road transport of the agricultural goods to and from western Sicily and the main supply centers, manage internal trading activities, and fix the price of the products sold in the market, creating an illegal monopoly, reports Palermo Today.

According to Ansa the goods confiscated by the police include a number of real estate assets including buildings, apartments, land, shops, and warehouses, as well as trucks, cars and motorcycles, company shares, and various banking and financial products.

The scam was originally exposed by the DIA’s investigations in 2014, but permission to confiscate the assets, requested by the DIA's director, was granted by the Prevention Measures Section of the Court of Palermo just this morning.

The judge in charge of the case also ordered that Giuseppe Ingrassia be placed under surveillance for the next four years, as he is considered to be a potential danger to society.

The confiscation comes just four days after the DIA confiscated 400 million euros from former Sicilian regional deputy Giuseppe Acanto, who was found to have ties with top-level members of the Cosa Nostra.





Copenhagen police to limit cars on busy nightlife streets

Copenhagen will limit cars on narrow streets in areas thronging with bars and clubs from June 1st to crack down on nighttime public disturbances, police said on Tuesday.

Copenhagen police to limit cars on busy nightlife streets

The affected streets are all located in lively parts of the capital designated as “nightlife zones”, which police monitor closely, and violations from midnight to 5am will be subject to a 3,000 kroner fine.

“Drivers parade in their cars in the nightlife zones, they accelerate loudly, play loud music, scream at passers-by and generally create insecurity and traffic situations that are downright dangerous,” Copenhagen police chief Tommy Laursen said.

“By banning car traffic, our aim is to prevent all of that,” he added.

The zones are located near Copenhagen’s City Hall, a popular pedestrian area and Kødbyen, the old slaughterhouse neighbourhood in the popular Vesterbro district.

The crackdown does not affect residents, taxis or essential transport such as trash collection, ambulances and delivery vehicles.