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Just when you thought it was over: heatwave returns to Sweden in full force

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Just when you thought it was over: heatwave returns to Sweden in full force
A family in Stockholm in July. Photo: Hossein Salmanzadeh/TT
14:55 CEST+02:00
Think Sweden has been unusually warm this summer? It's about to get even hotter.

After a record-breaking July came a slightly cooler start to August. But the extreme heat is on its way back and Skåne in the south could see temperatures climb to 35C this week, close to Sweden's heat record.

They are expected to hit 30C in Stockholm and Gothenburg on Wednesday, and 25C in northern Sweden.

"There's warmer air moving up from the continent," Marcus Sjöstedt, meteorologist at national weather agency SMHI, told Swedish newswire TT.

But the weekend will see cooler temperatures, according to meteorologists.

"The heat will maybe remain on Thursday. But come Friday and the weekend the warmest air will move further east and be replaced by cooler air," said Sjöstedt.

Sweden's warmest ever July brought drought and an unprecedented spate of wildfires to the country. There were no fire-related fatalities unlike in other parts of Europe, but authorities noted an increase in drownings.

Sweden's highest temperature ever – 38C – was recorded in 1933 and 1947 in Hästveda, which also holds the record for the highest temperature so far this year: a balmy 34.6C. 

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