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Guest Post Guidelines

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“Storyselling” – A guide to creating great guest posts.

It’s never been easier for a consumer to block or avoid commercial messages as it is now, and that’s why global marketing teams have been embracing the concept of native advertising. 

We have developed a partner product that helps you promote your own compelling communications through The Local, it’s called “Guest Native”.

As a Commercial partner of The Local, it’s important to us that your content works brilliantly and delivers the results you need.

We have built a brand that operates a trust-based relationship with our audience based on truth and integrity. In order to deliver on our brand promise we do ask our partners to adhere to “The Local’s’ content guidelines”.

That way, everyone wins.

Great content on The Local works when it’s relevant, engaging and interesting to our international professional audience.

The more useful or informative, the better the engagement and response rates will be. It’s that simple.




Make sure you set the context by explaining how this relevant to our audience. Where possible use people our International professional audience can identify with or use a situation that is familiar to them.


Storytelling is key in content development. Emotional engagement is increased by introducing human stories that our readers can identify with.


The best articles are those that get straight to the point. We suggest between 500-1000 words maximum with a headline that’s interesting NOT salesy. We also know that too many brand mentions actually hinder content performance. *See Increased Content Engagement Section below.


Is there a hook or a theme that can be delivered throughout? Why should people care? Make sure you deliver a message that the reader will want to read rather than merely broadcasting information.


Pressboard’s recent study collected tens of thousands of data points every day from sponsored content created through their platform, most of which was related to how readers interacted with the content.

Their conclusions were, if the brand is mentioned too close to the start of a sponsored article, engagement levels will be negatively affected. On average, readers spent 12 seconds longer reading articles when the brand was mentioned halfway through the article as opposed to when the brand was mentioned in the first 100 words.

When the brand’s name appears multiple times in a piece of sponsored content, it negatively affects the amount of time readers spend engaging with it. When a brand was mentioned only once, readers spent an average of 69.6 seconds reading the article. As more brand mentions were added, reading time fell dramatically.

The study also highlighted a few unexpected insights too:-

As it turns out, sponsored content in which brand mentions are placed sparingly and strategically actually perform better than sponsored content devoid of any brand mentions.

Many in the industry had often assumed otherwise: that sponsored content performs better when the brand isn’t mentioned at all. However, it appears that a thoughtfully-placed brand mention can actually engage readers and encourage them to read more of the content.

Sponsored articles without any brand mentions performed well (with an average active reading time of 63.5 seconds and a scroll rate of 78%), but still failed to outpace content with one brand mention.

That said, two words here are key: sparingly and strategically. Where and how many times the brand is mentioned can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of sponsored content, so it’s important to get it right.



• A document containing text that is ready to be uploaded to the site.

• Images - ideally a cover photo and one photo to use in the text. Both landscape and 640px wide. No need to be high definition but not pixelated.

• The client's company logo, 38px high with a transparent background.

• The link the client wants to use (either a tracking link or a normal link).

For information on how to create a tracking link please follow the link below.

Don't fear if you're flummoxed or flabbergasted by the information herein. The Local has its very own Creative Studio on hand to design creative concepts or compelling content for you.

They’re a team of talented commercial journalists with a penchant for creating brilliant content in the form of native articles, podcasts, videos and social media campaigns. They fully understand how to engage and connect with this international audience and have a formula for success. Guaranteeing you the very best campaign results, every time.

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