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Corporate Membership

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Corporate Membership
A gathering of some readers of The Local
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Our readers tell us that they want The Local to give them more help to face the practical challenges they face living abroad. And they tell us that they want to understand more about these societies, to understand the people they meet every day.

At the end of 2017 we introduced Membership, to allow us to get closer to our paying members and respond better to their needs. The uptake has been phenomenal. With more and more companies taking out Membership on behalf of their international staff, we have created three Corporate Membership plans for organisations of different sizes.

With Corporate Membership your organisation gets a fixed number of individual Memberships to distribute to staff, clients or contacts.

Membership Benefits

✓ Unlimited access to everything on The Local, including exclusive in-depth articles

✓ Regularly updated offers and discounts from our growing list of partners

✓ Invitations to international networking events organized by The Local

✓ Opportunity to connect with journalists and influence story choices

"Few things are as daunting as pitching up in a new country but The Local quickly became a trusted source of local news and knowledge. We would often refer to it as we were preparing for meetings and events."

Matthew Barzun, US Ambassador to Sweden, 2009-2011

I wish I'd had access to The Local France when I moved to Nice eight years ago. The information you write about is invaluable. The everyday stuff that people need to know, for example info about the strikes, areas where there are other English speaking people. The article about saying "Bonjour" when addressing a French person BEFORE speaking to them, was brilliant. Who would have known that something so little would mean so much. I don't mind paying for the subscription, it's worth it.

Daniela, France


Three reasons to subscribe for Corporate Membership

1. Your international staff will thank you for it

International professionals new to our nine countries say that The Local is the single most important tool for their integration process. Our content connects them to their new home by giving them a wealth of insights and knowledge that would otherwise take years to pick up. Giving them Membership of The Local will show them that you understand the challenge of moving abroad.

2. Your international staff will be more productive

Staff who understand what’s going on around them will spend less time worrying about local bureaucracy and more time getting on with the business of living. Membership of The Local will help your staff to feel at home, which will make them more productive and more likely to stay longer in their new country.

3. An international perspective is important for everyone

When your business depends on an international team and works with international clients, it is crucial to have a shared perspective on the world. Our unique international approach to Europe’s news, with a focus on what matters to foreign professionals and extra explanation where necessary, means that our content brings people together.

Membership of The Local will enable you to share news and information about your country with staff and clients abroad, establishing your company as an active member of the international community.

Plans and pricing

Small Organisations

10 Individual Annual Memberships


500 EUR / 5,000 SEK

Medium-sized Organisations

100 Individual Annual Memberships


4,500 EUR / 45,000 SEK


Large Organisations

200 Individual Annual Memberships


8,000 EUR / 80,000 SEK



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