Quota set for lynx hunt in Sweden

Swedish officials have given hunters permission to curb a county's lynx population in a licensed hunt.

Quota set for lynx hunt in Sweden
A lynx photographed in Norway. Photo: Heiko Junge/NTB scanpix/TT

Hunters may cull 33 of the elusive animals in Jämtland county during the hunt from March 1st to April 15th, the county administrative board announced on Wednesday.

It said the county had been above its target for the lynx population for several years and the cull was above all intended to reduce the number of lynx in the area to protect the Sami-owned reindeer.

Sweden's lynx population totalled 1,220 in 2016/17, a decrease on the previous year but an increase compared to 2013/14 when officials registered around 840 lynx.

The minimum for a healthy lynx population is considered to be at least 870 individual animals.

The lynx is easily recognizable by its tufts of black hair sprouting from its ears, and large, padded paws which helps the wild cat walk swiftly on the Nordic snow in winter.

It is most common in northern and central Sweden, but has, like the wolf, been moving further south in recent years.

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