Munich firefighters help free toddler’s head from toilet seat

After putting the children’s toilet seat over her head on Tuesday, the two-year-old had got stuck in it, according to the fire brigade in the Bavarian capital.

Munich firefighters help free toddler's head from toilet seat
The toddler being freed from the toilet seat. Photo: Berufsfeuerwehr München/DPA.

The toddler’s mother and an acquaintance of hers immediately tried yanking the piece of plastic off the two-year-old’s head – to no avail. Even the use of creams to help the toilet seat slide off did not help.

In a state of distress, the two women eventually decided to ask for assistance at their local fire station in Munich.

It was there that emergency services were able to remove the seat from the child’s head by cutting it with a hand saw. Meanwhile the mother did her best to calm the child down.

After a short time the toddler and the two women made their way home.