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World’s biggest aircraft performs Christmas stunt over Denmark and Germany

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World’s biggest aircraft performs Christmas stunt over Denmark and Germany
Photo: zhukovsky/Depositphotos
10:52 CET+01:00
There was something festive in the skies over Germany and Denmark on Wednesday, and it wasn't Santa's sleigh.

An Airbus A380 flew in a seasonal pattern, pulling off an unusual Christmas flight route over the two countries.

The A380 – the world’s biggest passenger airliner – took off around midday on Wednesday from the Airbus factory near Hamburg.

The test aircraft, owned by airline Emirates, flew over the Ruhr district and Luxembourg, turned towards Nuremburg and then continued towards eastern Germany and Denmark.

After a series of sharp turns and circles, a pattern began to emerge for those tracking the aircraft’s route – and there was a theme to make yuletide navigator Santa proud.

Radar tracking website Flightradar24 tweeted its record of the route, leaving no doubt as to the festive feel of the test flight.

Over the course of five hours and at an altitude of 12,000 metres, the A380 drew a Christmas tree over Europe as it safely navigated its way through busy aviation traffic.

The star at the top of the tree was drawn over Aalborg, where the aircraft circled several times – although that part of the drawing is, unfortunately, not its crowning glory, with the ‘star’ closer to resembling a series of scribbles.

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